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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on June 16th, 2010 by RestaurantRefugee

“If you spill a drink on the floor, do you look for a broom?  No, [then] the same common sense should be applied to family planning.” That is the opening salvo of Diatribes by Josh’s blog post: Rethinking Responsibility: Reflections on Sex and Accountability.

After watching a laughably bad Sandra Bullock movie, Alyssa Rosenberg explains why we need to forever jettison the America’s Sweetheart label.  If for no other reason, it “gives actresses permission to appear in all sorts of mediocre junk with the expectation that we ought to like it simply on… the strength of their personal charm.”

The Bitches who Brunch* recently sampled the Sunday offerings of Birch & Barley (winner of the 2010 Washington Restaurant Association RAMMY Award for Best New Restaurant, congratulations to the Neighborhood Restaurant Group) and found their experience worthy of an A+.

…Sadly, the same cannot be said of Capitol Bites’ experience with the new H Street spot Biergarten Haus.  However, she is not completely soured on the recently opened beer garden as she concludes “there is nowhere to go but up.”

The Cycle Jerk had a smashingly good time at last weekend’s Seersucker Social and Bike Ride.  I Spy Things DC, however, had a slightly different reaction.

Top Chef DC premiers this evening** and since Bravo TV no longer has a need for a Kalorama area mansion, it was placed on the market and sold this week.  Wanna closer look inside? Urban Turf has all the details and pictures.

Are you headed to the annual BlogHer Convention?  Scary Mommy was kind enough to write a guide about what to expect while you’re there.

* I readily admit that I get too much joy from typing the name of that blog.

** I spent the better part of an hour on the Google looking for local restaurants hosting a Top Chef Premier Party and/or bloggers who had kindly collated a list of them.   The pickings where shockingly slim – you would think that any reasonable restaurant would be tripping over themselves to gather a group of die-hard foodies on a Wednesday night – and I couldn’t find one list of places so I wrote one for anyone who is sufficiently curious.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on June 15th, 2010 by livitluvit

An argument for free online dating sites over paid, and how to act when you’re on them, from Date the District.

Listen to Leon receives a fortune cookie that isn’t funny, even if you do put “in bed” at the end of it…

My favorite recap of the showing of the USA vs. England World Cup game in Dupont Circle, from The Anti DC.

Go, Pop, Go! decides to unplug from his iPhone and focus on the people and things that are important. (Work not included.)

Tragically, the Washington Humane Society discovered that hoarders are everywhere, including Northwest DC, and it wasn’t just canned goods in this house. Warning: NSFYH (Not Safe For Your Heart).

Ped Eggs and Hamlet shares with us the very first recorded “That’s What She Said (TWSS)” joke, a la Alfred Hitchcock in 1929.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on June 14th, 2010 by dcblogs

Re-reading ‘the year of magical thinking’ Stop me if you think you’ve heard this before. This isn’t a book review of Joan Didion’s work; it’s about trying to make sense of the impossible.

For one of the best ‘About Me’ descriptions around read the one written by Hilarity in Shoes. There are 10 points. Here are the first three:
1. I was born in 1975
2. I have lived in DC since 1993, largely to no avail.
3. I’ve never been in love with someone who’s in love with me.

Jessie’s Place shares some photos and observations about this weekend’s Pride Parade. She writes: I was so excited to see that there was a lot of involvement with major corporations such as Frito Lays, Wells Fargo/Wachovia, and several political candidates. Also, a lot of people were marching with their small children which shows that more parents are raising their children to believe in equal rights…which, of course, I found to be fantastic.

Toxic relations. the Veganista ponders a better existence. The hotness party rant.

World Cup Marriage Compromise. Econo-Girl.

“Italian Shirt Laundry” and “Italian Cinema” Headed for 14th Street. 14th and You. As soon as you see the picture, you’ll know the place.

Sugar N Spice ends her blog and writes: I feel like I’m pulling the plug on a comatose family member.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on June 11th, 2010 by dcblogs

Art: Washington DC Sketchbook

This is a story you may read twice because it’s so rich with detail, nuance and emotion. It’s all about Washington, family history, loss and reconnections. Care to Dance, Mrs. Roosevelt? Dogs and Wine.

Have you ever dreamed of living on a boat? In DC? Urban Turf takes a look at The Live-Aboards of Gangplank Marina.

The artwork above is courtesy of the Washington DC Sketchbook. This blog is a series of compelling sketches, some recall cold cases while other are apparent works of pop art.

Stirrup Queens writes: Politics and Prose, my favourite book store, is being sold. After the story broke in the Washington Post, a few people emailed and jokingly said, “you should buy it!” but I just sat against the wall at the twins’ gymnastics class and read it from my blackberry and cried.

Building and Car Still Life in Dupont Circle. Unexpected art. Photo. DC Metrocentric.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on June 10th, 2010 by Foilwoman

Teacherconfessional wonders about students, studying, and poor test performance.

Sometimes, a morning start is a morning start, stop, regroup, and start again. It was one of those days for Sunshine and Potatoes.

Young DC Living describes a turtle rescue, complete with cute animal pictures.

Livin Mi Life has never been “in love” at age 37, and is curious as to what that state feels like.

To counteract the BP wildlife depression currently threatening all sentient beings, and to shamelessly add another cute animal picture, here is Danger Powers, Bunny Extraordinaire, at the Washington Humane Society website.

Malnurtured Snay works at another bookstore, but thinks about the potential consequences of Politics and Prose being up for sale, especially in the wake of the closure of Olsson’s and Lambda Rising.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on June 9th, 2010 by RestaurantRefugee

From the Things To Do Desk at DC Blogs:

Back when this contributing editor was still in the restaurant business, I got into a minor internet dust-up because one of my junior managers foolishly posted an online rant about a woman breast feeding in the dining room.  I didn’t understand the public fascination/controversy with public breast feeding then and it still is beyond me.  After reading Go, Pop, Go‘s well articulated thoughts on the matter, I am less befuddled.

When I spied a post from the mostly dormant blogger, The Home Improvement Ninja, I was excited to have his voice return to the DC Blogosphere.  Excitement quickly gave way to condolences upon reading More Questions Than Answers.

A single picture summary of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster from Beyond DC>.

…speaking of single pictures, we could all use some of this sometimes.  Thanks tier1dc.

Dear DC Summer Interns (in general) and Capitol Hill Interns (in specific,) I doubt that many of you have made your way to DC Blogs, the chronicle of record for the DC Blogosphere.  For those of you that have, Capitol Hill Style has a lovely welcome message and primer for you.  It contains a discussion of behavioral and professional competencies, suggested attire, and calibration of expectations – YMMV and feel free to share with your poorly compensated colleagues.

DC Blogs Contributing Editor and resident lover of all thing train-wreck-ian, LiLu, has penned an ode to the televised spectacle of orange better known as Jersey Shore.  She wishes she could hate but cannot help but love the characters with their “lube-shellacked hair, George Hamilton glow, and mouths” that would make even the famously potty-mouthed Lilu “blush.”  Alternate title: A C*ckworth Orange.

Live Feed Note: The live feed is now appearing on the page. You will notice a slight difference. It now sits in a frame with scroll bar. Tip: right click blogs to open in new tab, otherwise they will open in the frame. This will work until we resolve the issue that is preventing it from appearing on the normal page.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on June 8th, 2010 by livitluvit

Urban Bohemian is fed up with “click-jacking” on Facebook, aka Spambook.

The Style of Politics would like to remind us that “dressy” and “professional” attire are not necessarily the same thing.

Hate Comcast- oh, excuse me, XFINITY- as much as I do? Rejoice, friends… FiOS is finally here! (Well… sometime in the next six years, anyway.) Southwest… The Little Quadrant That Could has the deets.

Are you a multi-tasker or a one track mind when it comes to dating? Neurotic In Ashburn decides to break out of her one-at-a-time pattern and give “dating around” a try.

Sunshine and Potatoes shares the highs and lows of her childhood versus adulthood in an adorable meme.

The title says it all: “Of course DC has a drunk spelling bee.” Via I Spy Things DC.

Hold the phone, folks… the times, they truly are a-changin’. TechCrunch reports that Twitter plans to hire an employee to be a professional liaison with the government in Washington, DC.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on June 7th, 2010 by dcblogs

An Open Letter to Mini Cooper Owners. Technology & MSG. Photo tells the story. A classic.

A birthday remembered. An amazing and heartwarming story perfectly told by feast after famine.

An open letter to Washington DC by someone who is moving to the West Coast. Brunette on a Budget. She writes: Maybe if there was more common courtesy practiced between your inhabitants you’d make a more pleasant place to live.

U Street Booze Moratorium? Left for LeDroit. A comparision of Adams Morgan to U Street.

Following the oil spill one blog at a time: Pensacola Beach Blog, which writes: the oil of doom reached Okaloosa Island, in Ft. Walton Beach. It’s official: the entire 40-mile length of Santa Rosa Island, the second longest contiguous barrier island in the world, has now been thoroughly infected with BP’s oil.

TC the Terrible is now in Iraq. He writes: The past few months I’ve come to take some stuff for granted over here.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on June 4th, 2010 by dcblogs

Holla Back DC! has become one of the best first person story telling blogs in the District. It’s continues to reveal an intolerable side of life and how shared the experience is. By doing so perhaps it will prove empowering. For proof, see this post. Arlington Police make an arrest.

If it wasn’t for dating and food, there would be no local blogosphere. Speed Dating: Horror, Hell or Happiness? City Girls World

Observations on how the media is covering the oil spill at Roosevelt Island. Excerpt: Each story seems to split in two, one half covers the actual facts behind the issue, the other covers how it affects President Obama.

After dating, way after dating, there’s the Al and Tipper story and a sense of our befuddlement. Was it Al’s Warren Harding look? Occam’s Razor.

Penn Quarter Living will be living well Saturday, thanks to the third annual Savor craft beer event at the Building Museum.

Note: The live feed wasn’t showing on the web page last night. A glitch that will be fixed hopefully shortly. Meanwhile, I’m at least two weeks behind entering blogs in the live feed, which I hope to complete Sat. – kob

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on June 3rd, 2010 by Foilwoman

Miss Scorpio of Do You Come Here Often will be facing a dilemma soon. She’s been writing a dating blog, and now that time has come to an end

This contributing editor loves a good rant, and Not Enough Tequila in the World provides one, not very happily, having been subjected to The Big Chill.

The author of I’m Gonna Break Your Heart, who is taller than 5’8”, specifies in her online dating profile that she prefers to date taller men, and this expressed preference has attracted some negative comments from would-be swains. DC Blogs contributing editor Restaurant Refugee discusses his reaction to this post.

Having failed to purchase a plastic backyard pool at Walmart, Lemon Gloria started using a bathtub as a pool and now refers to that tub as the pool. She asks readers to vote on whether this is Clampett-inspired trashiness (well, not in those exact words).

Go, Pop Go tells of one giveaway that he’s a father. (Even though this blogger got mentioned yesterday, this Contributing Editor saw and liked his post before noticing that he was selected yesterday. So it’s included in the roundup.)

The GLAA Forum doesn’t think a whole heck of a lot of Ted Haggard’s new church, which reportedly welcomes gays but not gay marriage.