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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 30th, 2010 by Foilwoman


The author of Where’s My Cape? thought her husband was a bit batty to want to do an Ironman triathlon, but ended up respecting his dedication and determination.

Que sera, Sarah wrote that she was having a baby in four hours. By the time this post is published on DC Blogs Noted, presumably the baby will have been here for some time. And from here on out, anything can and will happen.

Older family history: Red Nose shows why knowing where you came from is a beautiful thing.

Pundit Mom promotes U.N. Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon’s “Ring the Bell” campaign (and posts its advertisement ) to stop violence against women.

What is Cape Cod Paella? Read about it at Eat More Drink More.

The last time this contributing editor posted a Washington Humane Society blog reward post it was inoffensive Guinea Pigs being left to die in the trash. This time, a dog (they may be our best friends, but sometimes we aren’t theirs) was left to die, and was fortunately rescued. Who does this sort of douchetastic thing?

On September 23, the U.K. became the world’s largest producer of wind power when Thanet Wind-Farm began producing electricity, reports Clean Currently.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 29th, 2010 by RestaurantRefugee

Some writers, some bloggers have the ability to yo-yo one’s emotions through their words and somehow not leave a reader feeling manipulated from the experience. Laurie of LaurieWrites is one such writer, and “Why I had to tell you about him” is one such story.

IcantBelievablepays tribute to the once great societal force, The Record Store (For those born after Ronald Reagan was president, Mike Tyson was a great boxer not a sideshow, or the Redskins were any good, Record Stores are physical places where people once went to buy music) and discovers one still operating.

Did you know that a professional video game league will be hosting its largest tournament in DC this year? I Spy Things DC shares some details… and some mocking.

For just about every high school student, repeating the mantra “It Gets Better” can be useful for treating all manner of angst. Poofygoo gives that refrain new and expanded meaning.

How to Catch DC’s iPhone RobbersAll Life is Local has some suggestions.

Lachochran is just wondering: what’s the polite way to respond to an offer to hold a baby… when you don’t want to hold the baby?

Today is National Coffee Day, thanks to DC Gastronome for the notice and a few bits of caffeinated trivia.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 28th, 2010 by livitluvit

Two phrases come to mind with this entry from City Girl Blogs; “Don’t miss it” and “Get a tissue ready.” We’re pulling for you, girlie.

Candy Sandwich puts into words better than I ever could how I, and probably a lot of you as well, feel about this whole “economy” thing lately.

Comedian Michael Larrick of Happy Berfday To Me reveals his infant entertainment techniques, including but not limited to tickling as “the rape of comedy”.

Feast After Famine contemplates the skank factor of the clothes for the ladies- age SIX and up- at a local Target location.

An interesting post refuting why women do NOT make a better wingman comes from The Unbreakable Man Laws.

If you haven’t heard about Stephen Colbert’s appearance in front of Congress last week, you need to. [F]oxymoron has the clip of his opening statement, and The Anti DC has my favorite review of the event.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 27th, 2010 by dcblogs

After something on his bike breaks, the writer of If you see something, say something, decides to give Capital Bikeshare a try. Excerpt: Perhaps because of the novelty of it, it also is a conversation starter — a woman asked me about it as I was taking it out, and a guy on a bike asked me how I liked it at a traffic light down on 19th.

BrockLi Soup also tries Capital Bikeshare and offers some fine point details about how it works.

The Conception of Zoey Michelle Shifflett. 2 Fs and 2 Ts.

At 25, I’m Feeling Open Minded writes about life changes ahead in the post, live through this and you won’t look back. Excerpt: Maybe this in itself is my quarter life crisis. Me contemplating the white picket fence, the dog, the husband, the 2.5 kids and a 2 car garage. Am I getting “old”….or just maturing? Am I giving in to some societal stereotype on how a man’s life should be led? or am I just ready to be in a different stage of things?

A review of some of the food served in Unity Park in Adams Morgan, by Chomp2Chomp. Excerpt: We ordered the beef tacos (2 for $5) and chicken taquitos (4 for $5). The first item we ate was the tacos. Having watched the woman taking our order pile beef, fresh pico de gallo, cheese, and then half an avacado per taco onto fluffy, fresh tortillas our mouths were watering.

Ray’s East River, a review of this new restaurant by CHV Blog, which says it is one of a very few sit-down restaurants east of the Anacostia in DC.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 24th, 2010 by magnolia

Higher mathematics and far too many pills: a dimensional analysis from Toddler Planet.

A hardcore dose of inspiration for you in a guest post at Positively Present. Kinda made your humble editor want to run through a brick wall after reading it.

Ooh, did Hilarity in Shoes hit me close to home with this. A reality check of biblical proportions for the “fixer” in all of us.

Is it impossible to be nice to each other anymore? The Hill is Home contemplates civility.

An interesting spin on the Fenty-Gray split from Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space.

We’re all guilty of judging books by their covers. It’s human nature, and can sometimes cause us to miss some genuinely surprising encounters. Lemmonex, however, does not recount one of those times; she was pretty much spot-on at first glance.

On haves and have-nots at Mascara & Microchips.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 23rd, 2010 by dcblogs

Metro DC Utilities Blog contains an interview with EPA Environmental Scientist Ellen Schmitt discussing emerging contaminants in the water supply.

On World Car Free Day 2010, Beyond DC writes about being car-free for more than ten years and still finds that while occasionally renting a car is necessary for out-of-town travel, most things can be more easily accomplished on foot, on a bike, or on mass transit. This contributing editor didn’t know it was car-free day, but is glad she walked the mile plus to the Metro rather than driving and parking at the station.

Meanwhile, Hey, Love was pleased that unlike Bike-to-Work day, World Car Free day fell on a day when she actually travelled to work so that she could participate.

The tyranny of the tantrum is a tactic Republic of T associates with the right.

Carlos in DC also has some harsh words for the right as he asks for people to take action to fight for the Dream Act.

Go, Pop, Go! gets way too much linkage from this contributing editor, but I just can’t stop – his parenting posts always amuse and educate. Now he’s worried about being a linguistic fogey, confesses to loving The Princess Bride (Really, who, with any taste and perspicacity doesn’t?), and asks for reader help in figuring out modern word usage by kids.

Witnessing an eviction isn’t easy: Farm Fresh Meat describes on his street, considers the complicated and sad situation, and notes at least one heartwarming response.

If you need help figuring out your best furry friend’s behavior – or complete lack thereof – why not ask the experts who will be there to answer questions at the Washington Humane Society’s 5th Annual Walk for the Animals this Saturday. WHS Behavior & Training professionals will be at the walk to advise.

There’s a free event involving Danish writers at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda. It’s tomorrow night. And, again, it’s free. Madam Mayo and guest blogger Kyle Semmel pass along this information.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 22nd, 2010 by RestaurantRefugee

The Marathon’s Mistress kinda picks a fight with the too large fraternity of DC-Haters. Editorial Disclosure: this contributing editor is a fellow DC native, and stands firmly with the Mistress.

There’s dark humor, and then there’s the author of Awkward Sex and the City wondering ablog* about the myriad ways unemployment is affecting her life and thoughts.

In What’s in a (Re)Name, the blogger behind The Snarkshelf provides some helpful rebranding of familiar concepts.

Not so Linear‘s Landing Punches is a hauntingly beautiful piece of introspection.

Considering taking a break form blogging? Soup is Not a Fingerfood details some of the causes of her absence.

Attention Span of a Fly contemplates the evolution of romantic relationships from lusty and exciting to familiar and satisfying.

Reading Famous DC‘s pro football bar guide is not unlike reading a cocktail list with Chelsea Handler’s annotations… which is to say that it brings the facts and the funny.

* Urban Dictionary says it’s a word so that’s good enough for me.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 21st, 2010 by livitluvit

If you liked the Arlington Rap, make sure you don’t miss “The Metro Song” (Unsuck DC Metro) AND the new What’s The Deal DC “WTD Rap Video”.

Borderstan fills us in on what to expect at the 17th Street Festival this Saturday.

Marie’s Blog Cafe shares the first positive account I’ve ever heard of putting together IKEA furniture. (The sweetest, as well.)

The classiest post about Skinemax (and being driven to it) you’ll ever read, via Church of the Big Sky.

Hilarity in Shoes informs us that prohibition is back, but only if you can’t afford more than a 40 and you don’t have a “cheese history”.

The Scarlett Letters writes a fabulous break up letter… to eHarmony.

Don’t judge before you read it: “Breast is Not Best”, from Stirrup Queen.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 20th, 2010 by dcblogs

Quotes by My Students. Pisces out of Water. A French and English teacher took notes while teaching in Louisiana.

I Don’t Believe Expensive Engagement Rings Equal True Love. City Girls World.

First ‘RiverFrontFest’ Coming on Oct. 9. JD Land.

Night of the Living Dead, the Musical. It’s on its way to be a reality. Stephen Gregory Smith.

How Vincent Gray will lower unemployment east of the Anacostia. Runin Economist

Things to avoid mentioning on the first date. DC Dating Divas

Bedside table photo. Rantings of a Creole Princess

Meatless Monday Options in DC. Zagat

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 17th, 2010 by magnolia

Another day in commuting paradise leads to a collection of random thoughts over at Sonnet 87.

It’s always hard to say goodbye for the last time, especially when it’s the last thing you want to do. Giant Butters remembers. [language NSFW]

Rude Cactus gets caught up in a verbal tornado, and doesn’t mind a bit.

The great things about blogging, many of which rang true for your humble editor, according to Parenting by Dummies. (Is that too meta?)

One Photograph a Day, with a fabulous visual reminder of the two very different sides of life in our fair city.

Apparently, tour guides in DC need licenses. DC Like a Local discusses the lawsuit to drop the requirement. Hey, maybe that’s an excuse I can use next time a tourist asks me where all the stores on the Mall are located…