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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 15th, 2011 by Mascara & Microchips

It’s that time of year again! That’s right! It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! If you’re not fortunate to have a friend or co-worker trying help their kid sell the most cookies ever, The DCist has the skinny on where you can go to get your thin mint fix.

Alice’s Adventures Underground reflects on her daughter’s impression of her, after reading over a school project.

Spring is in the air, and Washington Gardener has some beautiful snaps of the winning display from the Washington Home and Garden Show.

After realizing such a specialized skill set might be a hindrance, Everyone I know is Ridiculous reflects on post-college aspirations.

50 Cent wants to be a serious actor? Average Bro ponders the rappers new role after reviewing the film’s trailer.

It’s lovely weather for ducks… The Green Miles has some video of the flooding that occurred at Great Falls Park due to all the rain that fell last week.

Finally,  Assorted Stuff takes a look at the recent attitude towards teacher’s salaries, and the overall future of the country.

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 14th, 2011 by Paint It What I Tell You

An Engineer in DC describes the nuclear situation in Japan with clarity, depth, and the calm and rational tone that you’d expect from an engineer.

Liz in Law School has some choice words to describe Guy Fieri, everyone’s favorite flame-wearer.

Stars, dream jobs, and late night work sessions are some of the weighty things being thought about over at Toddler Planet.

Reason #7 to join DC Bocce League this spring: How many times have you seen the creepy male lead in a Lifetime movie wearing a DC Bocce shirt? Never.

Green Velvet cupcakes?? Well, they certainly look a lot more appetizing than green beer, but they do leave A Bitchin’ Kitchen‘s hands pretty green.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 11th, 2011 by magnolia

When the weather is miserable, human kindness tends to be the first casualty after your morning paper and any suede in the area. Thankfully, The Blarney Crone ran into a couple of local Good Samaritans who defied that cosmic rule.

Even though the result can’t ever approximate the original, displaced Gulf Coast babies always appreciate the effort a lot of DC folks make to recreate Mardi Gras in our fair metro area. Mistopia shares the story of a good-hearted office celebration of Fat Tuesday.

Purchasing appliances is a milestone within and of itself, but sometimes the act signifies much more than that. At I Wanna Sing Like Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan, SLS reflects on the changes her particular appliances bring.

For those who don’t know, a mastiff is a big, big dog. The size is no deterrent to Lemon Gloria; she went into this with an open mind. But she may not have considered one not-so-small side effect of owning a big, big dog…

OK, this one has it all: something to do on a rainy day, a killer recipe, and many, many pretty pictures of food. I am in LOVE. (And also hungry.) I give you the Bacon and Spinach Tart, courtesy of Mango & Tomato.

Everyone has that one teenage story that still conjures up a cringe when the memory is triggered. Parenting By Dummies shares a doozy of a teenage awkward story, featuring a soundtrack by the vaunted and inimitable Kris Kross. Yeah, Gen X-ers; you know you love it.

And finally, adventures in daytime television advertising with Yeah… I Said It. Who knew there were so many interesting characters trying to improve your life between segments of Judge Judy?

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 10th, 2011 by asinglegirldoingsinglethings

If you are like me, by the time 6pm rolls around, you are ready to meet up with friends and relax over happy hour drinks.  Check out Five 2 Nine 365, written by a group of DC area happy hour drinkers, for the latest places to grab a drink after work.

Only in DC would there be a blog post dedicated to tonight’s annual hockey game between lobbyists and hill staffers.  According to FamousDC, the lobbyists won the game last year, but they are a shakin in their skates this year because of all the new talent on the hill.  I do not know about you, but this might even be worth skipping a Thursday happy hour to check out.

When most of us think of Mardi Gras, we think of Bourbon Street, colored beeds, and too much drinking.  But for french twist DC, Mardi Gras makes her think of crepes.  Her latest blog gives a detailed description, including pictures, of how to make the perfect crepes. Yum!

Spring is in the air.  Shannon of we love dc shares information about the upcoming “bike to work day” on May 20th and for motivation, she shares her top five reasons why biking to work is the way to go.

And finally, Cupcakes and Shoes writes about one of the greatest things to come out of blogging, new friends, in her post “Gammas who dine.”

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 9th, 2011 by RestaurantRefugee

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday, and Magnolia, a DC Blogs contributing editor and Gulf Coast native, offered homage to Mardi Gras and the Gulf Coast.

Lemmonex contemplates the line that separates the Woman Who Likes to Have a Good Time and the Good-Time-Party-Girl.

Did you think that modern women’s magazines invented the self-diagnostic quiz? Grant’s Blog shares 1930s Marriage Score Sheets that say differently. Are you a good spouse by 1930s standards?

The self-described “Dumb Mom” behind the Parenting for Dummies blog has a bit of a problem with our rainy Spring.

The Gray administration keeps making it too easy for good government folks to find fault with them. According to Greater Greater Washington all of the signs (freshly relabeled) point to a continuing trend.

By the by, the third International Crush Day, a holiday inspired by some Boozing DC Bloggers is less than 48 hours away.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 8th, 2011 by Mascara & Microchips

Sometimes, when moving to a new city, it becomes more to us than just a place to live. D.C. Princess writes about her experience with living in – and loving- our fair city.

WashingTina discusses her (dis)organizational habits, and how they’ve shaped her life… and driven others to dump the contents of her desk all over the floor.

What would you do with four days? That’s the question Candy Sandwich brings to us this week as she wonders what to do with her long weekend.

Anyone who uses a debit card in their daily lives (so, almost everyone) probably takes for granted how easily it is for our security to be compromised. Liz in Law School takes a moment to share her experience with her bank after discovering an unauthorized purchase.

The Autobiography of Steve embraces his inner geek, and finds that self acceptances brings a lot more joy to life.

ARL Now takes us on a photographic tour of some of the finest hotels in Crystal City.

Hey, D.C. Ladies! Do you own a pair of red high heels? I’ll hope you’ll check out this article at The Red Pump Project rock them March 10th in order to help promote awareness for HIV/AIDS. I hope to see more than a few pairs on the metro Thursday!

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 7th, 2011 by Paint It What I Tell You

Food, food, food, some more food, and a good scandal.

Eating Around DC dishes about some super cheap eats from Bourbon Steak.

Feeling disloyal to her favorite restaurant, Been There, Eaten That returns to Rasika for a meal that does not disappoint.

Grown In The City starts to plan a spring garden that looks so good, I just might have to replicate it (if that’s even possible to do three stories off the ground).

If you’re wondering about the definition of ‘sustainability’ in the kitchen, The Slow Cook has some food for thought.

Pork: it’s not the other white meat…at least not anymore, reports Notions Capital.

Mark White’s eggplants, which were lauded as the DC State Fair‘s “funkiest looking vegetable,” are pretty funky looking.

Washington City Paper’s LooseLips keeps the issues-a-comin’ with the latest in the Brown/Gray situation.

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 4th, 2011 by magnolia

BYU’s strict and thorough honor code resulted in the dismissal of one of its best basketball players for a violation that many of us would consider part of a normal day for a man his age. I Spy Things DC reflects on that code, its impact on sports, and its application over the years.

For pure 80s-nostalgia decadence, it’s hard to top this reflection in sight and smell from Zack Morris Cell Phone.

From the pretty pictures of food department (and yet another reinforcement of my pro-Louisiana bias): gumbo filé! Thanks, I Eat What I Want; now I’m hungry…

Sometimes it’s nice, even for the most jaded local, to appreciate the gorgeous architecture that surrounds us as DC residents for the spectacle that it is. Monumental Thoughts gives the National Cathedral the tour-guide treatment.

Heathens and the devout alike will undoubtedly find this unexpected piece on the interaction between clothing and Jesus from The Blog of the Courtier as fascinating as I did.

And to send us out this weekend, a spot-on reflection on love, Hollywood and what the latter has done to the former from Always a Drunk, Never a Bride.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 3rd, 2011 by dcblogs

On December 18, 2005, my plane landed at Dulles International Airport, writes DC Princess. On February 23, 2011, I became a U.S. Citizen.

When is Density just the Density of the Wealthy? Sociology in My Neighborhood: DC Ward Six. A look at why DC is getting to be an increasingly expensive place to live.

DC-Wrapped Dates goes inside Foggy Bottom’s Bayou and returns with this report.

The Hill Life: Finding a Job, Part I. Capitol Hill Style.

A blogger who is moving from Colorado to DC is looking forward to the change. Adventures in the District.

Excuse me, Mr. Backpack. Absurd Reality says backpacks are becoming the new nuisance on the Metro.

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 2nd, 2011 by RestaurantRefugee

Bohemian Yankee in the Capital begins with an Irrefutable Position: the NBA in specific, and all US major sports leagues in general, have image problems with their players (spoiled millionaires with too many behavioral and off-field issues) and financial problems of varying degrees. And then proposes a complex but too brilliant to work solution for the NBA.

Because of course we at DC Blogs want to help find a lost dog, hat tip to Prince of Petworth for the post.

What happens when your new Significant Other gives you a pet name that is awkward? What happens when the name is awkward because you’re not comfortable being called “Sexy?” Date Me DC answers those questions.

Dining with Strangers is an utterly novel blog concept. The author is a journalist who takes strangers to dinner and interviews them over a few courses. The archives are more than a bit addictive, but start with the interview of Cuban Singer Margarita Pracatan.

Picture of the day – because mocking hipsters never gets old – from Business, Casual.

The once DC and now New England blogger ribbon + redcups rolled her car – twice – on a freezing rain slicked interstate. She was in much better spirits and humor than could ever be expected.