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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 30th, 2011 by magnolia

Loss hits all of us differently. Sassy Marmalade, in worrying about her cat, wonders what healing means for both him and herself.

Fall is a mixed bag for me. It’s more comfortable outside, sure, and I get to wear tall boots, but that also means that it’s nearly winter. I am way more inclined to agree with I Spy Things DC on this one.

Carrying forward the theme of reflection in the face of loss, Before the Baby Wakes considers how one mother’s loss bleeds into her own life in unexpected ways.

I remember taking part in elementary school fundraising. But Rude Cactus tells me that my modest little candy sales were nothing compared to the sales training his kids are getting in school these days.

And to take us out this week, an example of how even healthy food can produce pretty pictures. Thanks, Rachel’s Recipes!

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 28th, 2011 by RestaurantRefugee

It is a virtual law of argument that if your premise is judging a book by its cover (or movie by its trailer) said argument has less merit. The Snarkshelf, however, bucks that point of conversational stare decisis with a critique of the unseen movies What’s Your Number and I Don’t Know How She Does It.

Laura E. Donovan takes a look at some of her junior-high celebrity crushes in the more critical light of adulthood.

Happy Third Wedding Anniversary to Lemon Gloria… not for nothing, but the picture alone is enough to warm the heart of any dating cynic.

-the fooler initiative- is a blog the doesn’t write with great frequency but when she does, we are all better entertained or even enlightened by the result. Her Conversation with a young cousin is hilariously poignant.

As a sommelier of some distinction, this contributing editor views most wine blogs as a banal collection of uniformed and snobbish musings not worth the pixels on which they are printed. A Glass After Work, however, is wholly and substantively different as the blogger weaves stories about wine that are accessible to both expert and novice alike. Her thoughts on Vacation Wine are particularly emblematic of her facility with the language of wine.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 27th, 2011 by Mascara & Microchips

The National Book Festival was in town this weekend, and Juxtexposed got to check things out, and provided readers with a summary of the experience, and pictures of the event.

Though I have none myself, I’ve seen what a difficult time parents can have keeping their children entertained. Musings from Me got a few ideas from ABC’s “The Middle” and talks about the show itself.

Food is amazing, and amazing food is what this “mini-post” by The Pumpernickel Collection is all about.

Pick Your Future weighs in on recent “free speech” events in Texas and whether or not profanity should be used to express oneself.

Vain or not, you probably don’t want wrinkles, right? Semi-charmed Wife examines cause and effect, and prevention measures.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 26th, 2011 by Paint It What I Tell You

A five-year-old teaches I Wanna Sing Like Sarah “Sassy” Vaughn a few things about life. For example, that “her daddy takes his wedding ring off a lot when he leaves the house.”

News Flash: Beer gifting is not an appropriate way to thank firemen from saving you and/or your house, according to DCist.

My Third Eye Scratched features images of people in body paint, depicting the styles of famous artists. Different to say the least!

In a strange twist on the traditional grade school Thanksgiving craft, Princess Sparkle Pony gives you Rick Perry Hand Turkeys.

She Who Has A Why examines, very thoroughly and thoughtfully, the way that militaristic language pervades the way that we talk about cancer (“battle,” “struggle,” “fight,” and so on).

A unique condiment: Lebanese Garlic Sauce, from I Flip For Food.

It’s Fall! So it’s time for Homemade Kettle Corn from Keep It Simple Foods!

New blogs to the live feed

Posted in Views on September 25th, 2011 by dcblogs

Doing the District

Heart, Print & Style

No Straw Men

A Lacey Perspective

DC Travel

The Bottomless Mimosa


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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 23rd, 2011 by magnolia

I am an only child, and I’m pretty glad I was. My dad sometimes tells me, though, that he wonders if I should have had siblings. As The Edited Life tells us, this is a common concern, and she considers the potential change in her oldest child.

From Listen to Leon, a reflection on Troy Davis, activism and race. Thought-provoking stuff, no matter what your feelings are.

Art imitates life, they say, but lately it seems that fashion has been imitating television. Capital Style points out the similarities in this chicken-and-egg debate (and brings us tons of drool-worthy pictures of clothes – sorry, guys…).

Now THIS is a diet plan I can support: a literary diet. Thanks, Team Wet Dog!

Ew. Spiders. Poor Orange Hoodie

The only upshot of fall, at least for this beach-loving Gulf Coast girl, is soup and stew weather. Here are some pretty pictures of sausage soup from Cookies and Kale.

And in lieu of my usual vacation pictures, let’s go out on something I think we ALL can agree on. You are so right, Lumpyhead – there ought to be a law. Have a great weekend!

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 21st, 2011 by RestaurantRefugee

Vulnerability is a prerequisite to pain and Velvet in Dupont learns that there is no vulnerability quite like going on a limb for a friend.

The Angry Bureaucrat analyzes a rather frightening pie chart about what the average American eats in a year.

On Thursday, the oldest living Red Cross blood donor is giving blood again… at age 98 (really, what’s your excuse for not giving?) The American Red Cross Blog tells his story.

DC Blogs occasional editor, Rachael G. King has an unforgiving rebuke of Netflix’s recent business decisions.

Moneywise Mom’s wishes to remind all of us that this weekend is “free admission” weekend for museums and national parks all over the country.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 20th, 2011 by Mascara & Microchips

A new addition to our DC Blog’s family was forwarded to me today, and after reading a few of District of Colombian ‘s posts, I can see that he, like me, is a student of life. His latest post is one that questions the delicate threads in our relationships, both with people he knows and those he does not. It’s an interesting read.

As this Friday will mark the first day of fall, even though temperatures have been reflecting it for a few days all ready here in the District, Mochatini shares a few pictures to help us get into the spirit of the season.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but as the daughter and friend of survivors, I think that we should work towards raising money for and researching all types of cancer, all the time, but I appreciate any amount of effort for the cause. District 365 posted information on an event next month that hopes to raise money and get folks involved with taking a bite out of cancer.

I am strictly omnivorous, so when a new recipe graces the live feed, I’m all over it like a Kardashian on an opportunity to be on TV. This vegetarian masterpiece from Cookies and Kale had me taking inventory of my kitchen to see if I could possibly make this right this moment.

Many people watch the Emmy’s to see who won (I consider it a personal victory anytime that “Mad Men” is nominated for anything), but I actually watch it to see who is wearing what. East Coast Chic is just a obsessed, if not more so, with celeb style, and her, she recaps a few of her favorite looks.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 19th, 2011 by Paint It What I Tell You

Doing the District, a new blog brought to you by “The Gamma Girls” (some of whom are regulars to DC Blogs that you may recognize), chimes in on the best places in the city to grab a first date drink.

In way-ahead-of-the-game fashion, Bunny Cakes shows off some cute, DIY Halloween treat containers.

Where The Beltway Ends profiles a new restaurant in the Anacostia neighborhood: Uniontown Bar and Grill. The southern-inspired food sounds innovative, delicious, and like a welcome addition to a rapidly changing neighborhood. Having spent some time here myself last year, I liked the vibe I was seeing and encourage anyone who hasn’t been in a while to take a quick trip across the river.

A neighbor passes away, not much else changes. The District Diaries reflects on what this all means.

Orange Hoodie snaps some neat shots of the Kennedy Center on a tour.

Joanna Knows Good Food reviews some dishes at Fiorella at National Harbor.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 16th, 2011 by magnolia

Let’s start off with something fun, shall we? Courtesy of Nail Nerd, here are Tetris nails.

As DC becomes more and more bike-friendly, it’s important to be prepared no matter what. Thanks to broadsofthebeltway, here’s a girly girl’s guide to bike commuting.

One of the many side effects of divorce is the passing of your last wedding anniversary. It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe. Well, at least it was for me. This bittersweet remembrance from I Want to Sing Like Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan sums it up in heartbreakingly beautiful fashion.

Sometimes the prettiest pictures of food are the ones that aren’t so conventionally “pretty.” Here, from A Nesting Experience, salted caramel brownies. May not look like a still from Southern Living, but I still REALLY want one.

Nothing warms my hockey heart more (short of our Caps winning the cup, that is) than little kids playing. Pee-wees, juniors, midgets, mites – I love them ALL. So thank you, Stimeyland, for the biggest dose of hockey cuteness I’ve seen in quite some time.

And in honor of the passing of tourist season, Penn Quarter brings us five lies we tell the tourists. Have a fantastic weekend out there, folks!