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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 11th, 2011 by magnolia

One of our amazing blogging veterans, The Foggy Dew, wishes the Marine Corps a happy 236th birthday. I know I speak for the whole DCBlogs community when I wish him, as well as all our men and women who wear the uniform, a safe and happy Veterans Day.

I can’t comprehend the McRib. It’s weird to me. But there may be more to it than a simple sandwich, if The Angry Bureaucrat is to be believed…

Pretty pictures of healthy food! Granola, courtesy of My Pretty Pennies.

Madonna made news a few months ago by reportedly spurning a fan’s gift of flowers, sniffing, “I hate hydrangeas.” Well, if they looked anything like these, I can’t understand what the problem was. Beautiful flowers from Foam Core Fantasy to brighten up the dullness of November.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, all this news will be moot, but Nationals Review brings us a collection of sources to follow the story of Wilson Ramos, the catcher for our Washington Nationals who was kidnapped in Venezuela. We’re all thinking good thoughts for Wilson, and hope against hope that he’ll be back safe with us as soon as possible.

PSA time: on this Veterans Day, I just want to say how amazing the folks who serve us are. Being a member of the Iraq and Afghanistan generation, I tend to remember the service of all veterans by donating to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, but there are any number of ways to commemorate service and sacrifice. So to Mackie, Matthew, Allison, Wayne, and Cheryl (five veterans near to my heart), as well as all veterans and current soldiers and sailors: Thank you.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 10th, 2011 by asinglegirldoingsinglethings

I snort every time, and I mean every single time, I read Saltiness.  Her latest post is no exception.  Hilarious stuff.

Life in Pink lays out her goals for November.  I like them all…except when she mentioned 3 a.m. workouts

Ever want to say goodbye to someone, not for closure, but for acceptance that it is over?  Read Nicole in DC latest post for a letter I am sure many of us can relate to in more ways than one.

Trying to save some money?  But still shop?  Wardrobe Oxygen lays out some of Nordstroms sale items.

Getting geared up for the holidays?  Looking for a perfect side dish for Thanksgiving?  Check out Capital Cooking Show for a recipe that will make your mouth water

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 9th, 2011 by RestaurantRefugee

If you think that Wolftrap is solely about being a great venue for summer concerts, then… well, you’re like most people in the area. And you’re also wrong. Wolftrap also produces great performance art and at the moment they’re in the process of combining Florida swamps and modern dance. That creative process is a story worth telling and the Wolftrap blog does a very compelling job of the telling. Read the first installment of the series, and definitely read these updates too.

Veteran’s Day is fast on the horizon and…

Metro DC Lawn & Garden Blog has some suggested ways to say thank you to veterans,

…and NWTOSE has a list of events where you may pay tribute to the people who volunteer to run towards the bullets, stand in front of the bullets, and do whatever else it takes to provide our blanket of freedom.

If you are DC Blog Reader of a certain age and/or a serious fan of early hip-hop, then the untimely passing of Heavy D should not go unmarked. Sean’s Ramblings provides an early eulogy for the “Overweight Lover” who was always in the house.

Perhaps this contributing editor is too big a fan of sniffing roses and unplugging to do so, but the latest post from once and future DC blogger, Sunshine and Potatoes, is charming: Blessed.

One of the bloggers behind BroadsoftheBeltway confirms the maxim that very rich & entitled people often suck… at least when it comes to their dog walkers.

Special announcement: Please consider supporting Joseph’s House or any of the other too numerous to mention good causes for Give to the Max Day” today, Nov. 9. Joseph’s House provides compassionate care for homeless men and women who are dying of AIDS and cancer. Your dollars will help our most vulnerable neighbors. To donate, click here (Joseph’sHouse & I trust my partner (cuz you asked) and click on Donate. Donations are tax deductible, or join us today from 8:00 am to 8:00 at Tryst in Adams Morgan—2459 18th St. NW. Have a cup of coffee, make a donation, and warm your heart!

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 8th, 2011 by Mascara & Microchips

In a world where people often look the other way, it’s always heartwarming to see people working together for their community. Bread for the City shares details about an upcoming charity drive to help provide over 9,000 DC area families with “turkey and trimmings” for the holidays.

Orange Hoodie is always good for a giggle, but this week, we’re discussing the very serious topic of Alien Invasions.

Rachel’s Recipes shares a delicious cupcake recipe that has a delicious coffee flavor.

Punk’s BackYard Grill has expanded their menu to include quite a few new cocktails.

D.C. is the setting for some of the greatest movies in the last 50 years. Cloture Club recently asked readers for their favorite D.C. themed movies, and here’s what they said.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 7th, 2011 by Paint It What I Tell You

Though the Minnesota State Fair is certainly not the DC State Fair, it has its perks, according to Wild and Crazy Pearl.

Just in time for the cool weather, East Coast Chic previews a line of scarves that you can see in person at Woodley Park’s Carbon next weekend.

Candy Sandwich serves up a verbal snapshot of the many faces taking part in the now month-long Occupy DC: from the self-proclaimed homeless, illegal immigrant to the part-time student/part-time occupier to libertarian communist. It’s a colorful portrait you might not be reading about in the mainstream press.

fANNEtastic Food celebrates her engagement with a wonderful meal at Plume…and she takes lots of pictures!

I don’t know that I’ve ever though that “pacemaker” and “party” could, or should, be used in the same sentence, but this blog post from Pandahead is surprisingly uplifting and sweet. And it comes with a musical bonus.

As the mother of a young son who has just learned how to say “I love you,” I’m particularly touched by this reflection by Moms in Boyland on raising a boy into adolescence, only to watch him do alien things like grow a mustache and no longer freely shout his affection from the rooftops. Via Parenting by Dummies.

Speaking of young boys, over the past year (ok, less than a year) that I’ve been doing the weekend round-up for DC Blogs, my two year old has pushed his bedtime from the glorious hour of 7pm to the torturous hour of 9pm. That, combined with an ever-growing professional load for me (not complaining!) has made me sadly come to the realization that I can’t keep this up anymore. So this will be my last DC Blogs round-up, but I will remain a faithful reader of all the fantastic blogs that you all put your hearts and keyboards into. Have a great week, and may you consume many many blog posts during your long Monday workday!
–Jessica/Paint It What I Tell You

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 4th, 2011 by magnolia

If y’all thought tourists were a big pack of know-nothings, check this out. Lacochran’s Bloggery recounts this tale of the blind leading the annoyed. Don’t know much, indeed.

I have nothing to add to this, from Love is Blonde, other than my deepest condolences.

Are you like me and Orange Hoodie? Do you have no ability to keep track of what day it is? Well, you’ll love this, then.

I had only one thought when I read this love note to hand sanitizer from The Lab Notebook. It’s a good thing I went to law school, or my mild germaphobia might have taken a turn for the… well. Best not to get into it.

A thought piece on the student loan crisis from Not Enough Tequila in the World.

And finally, to take us out this weekend, a combination of pretty pictures of food and a vacation story: $15 prime rib in Las Vegas. Nice. Hope everyone has a fantastic fall-back weekend. Enjoy yourselves, and [with apologies to any Crimson Tide supporters] geaux Tigers!

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 3rd, 2011 by dcblogs

An Engineer’s Guide To Raising a Kid and part two. With an engineer’s eye, our writer shares some of the things his family has found particularly useful and handy. Photos. An Engineer in DC.

French expats in DC tell how their child is being Americanized in the post My American Boy. Safran in DC

Marathon Mistress has moved in with her boyfriend. She writes about it in three parts, the first one: Moving In Together – Part 1: Boys are Dirty. Part II, Part III.

Capital Witch reports on a recent gathering in DC, where pagans made the choice to also “honor what we have in the Now: Our freedom.” Photos.

Alice’s adventures in wonderland writes about what she liked and didn’t like about the The Mad Hatter Restaurant and Bar.

For those interested in the fate and future of Adams Morgan, Housing Complex has put together an insightful analysis that looks at the people and the issues in this neighborhood.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 2nd, 2011 by RestaurantRefugee

Being Single is no more a Pre-Existing Condition, than being coupled is grant of omniscience, so argues Lemmonex in her Plea from Your Single Friend.

In related news, Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino is reexamining her prior embrace of the selective superiority (as it once existed in her mind) of being single.

Seriously, the cuteness is unstoppable: Firefighters Rescue Kitten from Arlington Now.

If you don’t regularly read the Washington City Paper’s Daily Needle Blog, #YoureDoingItWrong.

The Hill is Home has all of the details of the post-fire restoration of one of DC’s greatest dive bars. The Tune Inn is reopening on Friday.

The once and future DC Blogger, Life Goes On, I Think, offers a delightful selection of vignettes musing on the state of her life.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 1st, 2011 by Mascara & Microchips

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I mean, fabulous costumes, outrageous make-up and horror movies on almost every channel 24/7? …Check my pulse, it’s possible that I may have died and gone to heaven.

Several other DCers got into the spirit of things with festive ideas about costumes, food, and decorations:

With the usual sarcasm and a dash of snark, Not Enough Tequila in the World helped readers who were stuck with their last minute costume ideas.

I marvel every year at the folks who put the time and effort into the intricate pumpkin carvings, when I can barely manage the rudimentary eyes, nose and mouth. Kris Coronado shares some of the best carvings I’ve ever seen.

If you’re into blood and guts, Nail Nerd has a pretty awesome trick for “Bloody Mess Nails“. It’s a little grotesque, but elegantly so.

Though the financial situation the country is in is not really a laughing matter, both Pick Your Future and I found humor in “Occupy Halloween“.

One of my absolute favorite local blogs, DC Beer is talking about the ups and downs breweries have making Pumpkin Beer, along with some info on where to find the best pumpkin brew.

Decorations are a Halloween Must. From haunted houses to humorous decor, Halloween inspires the creative. DC Metrocentric rounds up some favorite local decorations from the last few years.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!