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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 16th, 2012 by dcblogs

The car accident. Mascara & Microchips.

Pizza as a dynamic sector in DC and other observations by Young & Hungry.

Bitches who Brunch like the new arrival, Southern Hospitality.

Five Things Tourists Notice About DC, Brad Kanus.

Rooftop Bars in DC. A comprehensive list at SocialStudies.

How many have tried this: Hell-o, grilled strawberries? Forks in the Road.

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 13th, 2012 by magnolia

Green Canary, on starting over.

Pretty pictures of exotic vegetarian food, courtesy of The Arugula Files.

I usually avoid linking to professional bloggers here, because really, they don’t need our help. But this time, I make an exception. Deadspin‘s Drew Magary, who’s not only one of the best writers in the country, but a resident of the DC metro area, has written one of the most powerful pieces I’ve come across in a long, long time. Just read it. Trust me.

I’m nearly 31, so I’m still kinda new to this whole “thirties” thing. And people of our generation don’t even have the benefit of a prime-time sitcom to guide us through the ups and downs, the way our parents did. Enter Sassy Marmalade, with tips and tricks on how to be a thirty-something woman.

Just… wow. Feast After Famine, with a powerful story about precious things.

I suppose it’s no secret that I compile my selections on Thursday night for your perusal on this lovely Friday. As I write tonight, I am watching our hometown Washington Capitals give it their all against the Boston Bruins. [pause for old-timey hisses/boos] So this essay about how weird the Caps’ 2011-12 campaign has been, courtesy of On Frozen Pond, hits me where I sit. Hockey is, it seems, like that. (And LET’S GO CAPS!)

And to take us out on this Nationals home-opener weekend, Unpopped Collar brings us racing chicken sausages. Don’t think too hard; just smile. Have a glorious weekend!

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 12th, 2012 by dcblogs

Well, this is interesting. Dating the District says men, at least in her neighborhood, are on their best behavior. She writes: There has been a serious increase in the show of gallantry around here lately, and it deserves some legitimate praise. The post: The Gentlemen of Columbia Heights.

But wait: Is Gallantry Dead? kobe shoes writes about the rarely-mentioned Titanic monument in DC: When a statue erected by a Women of America in thankfulness to a ideals of flattery is secluded by those same women; when a republic usually cares during a moment for acts of aplomb prior to relocating upon to a subsequent luminary scandal; when mothers as well as fathers stop instilling those values in their children; afterwards we all have turn diminished.

Ok, regarding the gallant and the Titantic there’s a need to point out this post in the New Yorker: The mortality rate among third-class men, women, and children was eighty-four per cent, fifty-four per cent, and sixty-six per cent, respectively; in first class, the same figures were sixty-seven per cent, three per cent, and sixteen per cent. It turns out that class distinctions then are alive now in Paul Ryan’s budget. Iceberg to the Right: From the Titanic to Paul Ryan.

Here is a photo and information about the Titanic memorial in DC. It’s quite stunning as well as familiar.

But were they gallant about it? Columbia Heights Metro offload creates minor delays and major angst. TBD On Foot. Photos. Crowds. Mess. Justthewayitis.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 11th, 2012 by RestaurantRefugee

From the Politics & Justice desk at DC Blogs…

The Dissenting Justice blog examines the newest (and sadly ironic) twist in the glacially slow moving Trayvon Martin case.

The Angry Bureaucrat is not too fond of the spate of 5-4 decisions from the Roberts Court.

If Fidel Castro is the third rail of south Florida Politics, Ozzie Giullen just impaled himself on it” so says the Capital Comment blog.

PSA: Lost Dog on the hill. (h/t to The Hill is Home.)

From the Greatest Hits Desk:

Lemmonex writes A letter to my Body

One of the greatest bad dates in DC blogging history from Lemon Gloria.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 10th, 2012 by dcblogs

A look at a collection of photographs of DC in the 1980s, and an interview with the person who took them. SocialStudies.

Worth reading: The story of a homeless family and the mayor’s budget cut. Poverty & Policy.

An example of why historic preservation is necessary. Preserving DC Stables.

An interesting collection of photos of DC and NYC. Pretty Ugly.

About the bars that send people “out onto our streets loud, drunk and potentially dangerous,” writes U Street Dirt in the post, Good Neighbor Policy.

Drug use on the Unit Block of U Street NW. A report on bloomingdale.

And Now, A Squirrel Interlude. Photo. Shopping Hungry.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 9th, 2012 by dcblogs

Fresh Muddy Waters decides to get chemo for her beloved dog.

I think I love the Lawyer’s Family. Some scars can last, which is explained in a photo. Red Stethoscope.

The Singleship explains why she blogs: I never imagined at that point that anything more would come of it. I never imagined that it would be so cathartic to share my frustrations, that it would be so enlightening, that it would lead to actual friendships- friendships that could take place entirely through comments or start over drinks on the W rooftop. But that did happen, and that’s why I’ve been so reluctant to let it go.

Bike Lane Update on the d.ish blog, DC’s DOT blog: Well, thanks to an unusually mild winter, I’m pleased to report we got a jump on spring and our crews have already installed 4 miles of new bike lanes and 1 miles of shared lane since New Year’s Day.

Liz Gorman has photos of Wild Flag at the 9:30 Club.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 6th, 2012 by magnolia

This is not a blog. This is a link to Councilman Marion Barry’s Twitter feed. The Mayor for Life won an election and made a whole lot of people mad this week. Watching him navigate the ups and downs via social media is… well, he’s just a DC institution, for better or for worse.

Lemon Gloria has a modest proposal.

Pretty pictures of Greek food from Keep It Simple Foods.

As basketball season winds down, Sports Sense advocates for one of my personal favorite players to watch. Where, indeed, is the love for Kevin Love?

And to take us out this weekend full of religious holidays, a flower. [Non-Easter observers: ignore the title.] If your tradition venerates this weekend, have a great celebration. If you don’t observe, have a great weekend!

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 5th, 2012 by dcblogs

Capitol Hill Style asked a question: Do you think about leaving The Hill and DC? And got some great answers in response from people who want to leave and stay in DC.

Here’s a story from someone who left DC. The post, Confessions of a Commie Mommy: What I hadn’t completely figured out was that leaving DC and becoming a mom in the ‘burbs of Illinois, where everything I knew and almost everyone I cared about was hundreds of miles away, had made me feel incredibly alone and sometimes really sad. The blog is, One Flew Over the Playpen.

On the topic of leaving DC, alexandracorrine tells about her choice and writes: Leaving D.C. was never part of the plan I had imagined, but I realized while I was there that I had to.

A healthy dog and an Easter basket. I read I Write I Run, writes: Yes, that’s right, a dog can get pneunomia.

New German Words. A considered proposal by Not Enough Tequila In The World

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 3rd, 2012 by RestaurantRefugee

Patrick, the intrepid voice behind Life with Pho, is a social media native, and a prototypical millennial struggling with information overload.

Not Enough Tequila in the World takes an ironic look at the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking and the re-release of the eponymous movie.

If you’ve been wondering about the comparative benefits of buying a bike, or sharing one through the wildly successful Capitol Bikeshare, one of the Broads of the Beltway has some totally unscientific (but still helpful) thoughts.

Like this contributing editor (and I suspect many others) Sports Sense felt a little quesy about the scandal plagued John Calipari winning the NCAA Men’s Division I National Basketball Championship.

Magnolia is a self-described “30-year-old white female American citizen… [who] when it comes to law and order, [is] the most privileged kind of person you can be: a white woman.” And she writes compellingly about the shooting death of Tayvon Martin.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 3rd, 2012 by dcblogs

DC’s government, much like the Soviet Union of olden days, is essentially a one-party government, which probably helps to explain much of its corruption. There are, nonetheless, a few people from that other party, Republicans, living in DC, including Patrick Mara, who would likely be considered a leftwing liberal in Kansas. Mara is profiled, warmly, by David Klion. The story makes a number of interesting points, including how a stronger local GOP might improve DC’s statehood chances.

Does DC need a special “beer week,” something else to encourage drinking in a city that, most would acknowledge, already floats on booze? Of course it does. Planning for this special week, Aug. 12-18, has begun. DC Beer.

R.U. Seriousing Me? points out: DC’s population density is 9,856.5 people per square mile. From the perspective of mixed-use TOD advocates, there is really no excuse for a Metro station area to have a population density lower than the city average. And yet, there are 28 stations in DC or on the border that are below 9,856.5 residents per square mile.

DC Could Be a Renter’s Market By Late 2012. Urban Turf. Don’t get too excited. This event, such as it is, may be short-lived.

Then and Now: Anacostia’s neon sign. Wonderful photographs. District News.