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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 31st, 2012 by dcblogs

Ten years ago How Now Brownpau came to the U.S. He writes: I was 25, in the Philippines, out of a job, feeling called to opportunities across the Pacific. I wanted to prepare a better life for my then-girlfriend.

Phnx65 shares something about herself in a post that begins:

Six years ago today, I met the man I thought I would marry. 5 months ago it finally and somewhat sadly, came to a complete and utter end. Sort of a sputter, if you will. But an end, is an end. Doors closed. Pages turned. Think of the cliche for an ending, and there it was.

Where is DC’s Gay Neighborhood in 2012? The Winner isBorderstan.

Guard dog. Not so linear. Photo.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 30th, 2012 by dcblogs

The Day I Set Vietnam On Fire. Rice Quips recalls the day a seemingly good idea took on a life of its own. He writes: I finally arrived in Vietnam in July 1970. I spent my birthday at the 90th Replacement Battalion. Their singular goal was to make life so miserable for new arrivals that they would jump at the chance to join their new units. They were very good at their job.

The Trayvon Martin Narratives: The Stories the Evidence Tells. A law professor at American University takes a look at this case. Dissenting Justice.

Underachieving eye. Fighting words are spoken at the eye doctor’s office. You’re Welcome.

Praise for the book, Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History. Sandblower, the post is titled: Our great future in plastics.

You can invite snakes to a party. Stimeyland. Many photos.

Maple Restaurant in Columbia Heights is reviewed by Eat More, Drink More. Excerpt: The restaurant itself is on 11th Street NW just a few steps down from Meridian Pint, but is quite subdued with limited signage and a black exterior. The space is very small with about ten tables of two and a beautiful bar area to seat another ten people or so.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 29th, 2012 by dcblogs

Her father’s application to join the Navy after Peal Harbor. He didn’t have to join at 35. Red Nose.

The trend of older women dating younger guys is beginning earlier. The cougar and the prom. Flash Free.

New York Avenue Beach Bar seems to be a resounding success, reports French Twist DC, about this just opened bar.

Bringing Hollywood to DC: Is it Worth It? The Fiscal Policy Institute raises good questions about DC’s effort to attract big studio productions.

Dept. of Yet Another Self-Congratulatory List: DC’s parks are 5th best in the nation, says “Park Score.” Greater Greater Washington looks at the latest ranking for DC, and also summarizes some of the earlier efforts to categorize the city. Skepticism is needed.

Evidently, DC bloggers are read out West, reports this fashion blog, The Puddle Jumpers.

“Happy” Memorial Day? Average Jane.

Spoon and Fork DC is moving to Colorado Springs.

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The pay it forward umbrella. Malnurtured Snay establishes his credentials as a gentleman.

If you want to know just how big a hole a ground hog can dig, check out these photos. Funny Farm.

Extremely bad, horrible idea: Should Metro Sell Station Naming Rights? The 42.

Sad for a Life I Never Met. RealityBites.

Listen to Leon interviews comedian Rob Delaney.

Time Magazine to DC: Drop Dead. David Klion.

Note to readers: We will be back after the holiday.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 22nd, 2012 by dcblogs

Reason expresses outrage over the forced closing of Capitol Hemp.

One method for getting rid of students: Burleith resident puts up fake S.N.A.P. “bus” sign. Vox Populi.

Hine Jr High: Dead Zones and Life Zones. Sociology in My Neighborhood: DC Ward Six.

Splash of Ashley takes a photo tour of the Maine Ave. Fish Market.

Artomatic: Some Early Reactions. Arts Desk. One artist: Dear Dave.

Successful speed cameras require fair speed limits. Greater Greater Washington.

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This is Why I Hate Starbucks People. Brad Kanus.

After seven years in D.C., Salem is getting ready to leave. She makes a list of her favorite things about the District. It’s not the usual list. One item: Shouting at Elena Kagan. No Power in the Verse

Hitherto tries to capture photos of her dog, Zoe, searching for pizza crusts on Saturday morning in Adams Morgan.

29 Reasons We Love DC This Summer. HLG.

Study Predicts “Resilient Walkable” Places Will Lead the Housing Recovery. DC Streets Blog.

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This is very cool: Smithsonian history you can participate in. Growing Up in the 50s and 60s. It includes a Flickr Pool. American History Blog.

Half hour Metro headways are not acceptable. Beyond DC.

Last weekend WMATA ran trains 30 minutes apart along the entire Orange Line. Although some reduction in service was necessary due to single tracking between Eastern Market and Cheverly, such extremely infrequent trains along the rest of the line was unnecessary and was a disservice to Metro’s customers. Metro’s job is not merely to run trains. It’s to serve customers who ride trains.

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Mr. President. U Street Dirt. Photo of president picking up his sandwich.

Milon in Washington DC goes back to Sweden.

The Passing of a DC Legend. Wardrobe Oxygen pens a tribute to Chuck Brown.

Adams Morgan Petition Wants D.C. To ‘Stop Treating Record Stores And Vintage Stores Like Pawn ShopsHuffington Post.

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Metro Rolls Dice with Our Lives. Unsuck DC Metro is on the case about Metro doors that open when the train is in motion.

We are just stories. Writes Hannah Just Breath:

A one-block walk, and you still catch the tourist, the lobbyist, the intern, the homeless, the privileged Georgetown-ian, the radical, the Republican, the high sheriff, the harried staffer, each charging (or settling) into the day with a purpose. Because this is Washington, DC, damn it. We’ve got an agenda!

The passing of Chuck Brown. DC Not Rocking Today by DC Rocks.

Strawberries real and fake. In Shaw writes: Mock strawberries grow all over the place here.

Quarter Life learns how to use a sewing machine and makes a bag.

How to turn off the ladies: Stupid things lonely guys say. Rachel Machacek.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 15th, 2012 by dcblogs

Is this the trend among blogs generally? Your Drop in Comments Explained: The Incredible Shrinking Blog. Stirrup Queens.

A Funny Story About My Mom and a 300 square foot studio apartment. Slinderwink on Daily Kos.

The Secret to Every Successful Relationship. Sassy Marmalde. What she has learned in her 33 years.

Heading into the Unknown. Comparing graduation with swimming in the Anacostia. Deborah Yi.

The Mini Cooper as the car of choice in Alexandria. LIT’s Living on Capitol Hill (Hell!?)

The earliest photograph of Glover Park, Red Hill, 1861. Glover Park History.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 14th, 2012 by dcblogs

Former DC blogger now in NC, writes: It has been a heartbreaking week to be a North Carolinian. Dancing through NC.

Also writing on the marriage issue is the Preacher on the Plaza: I see so many of my pastoral colleagues being afraid to say anything at all out of fear of what their congregations might do to them.

How does this happen? Terrifying Experience. Collective Action for Safe Spaces, formerly Holla Back DC.

Dog Owner Seeks Info on Attack Dog in Glover Park. All Life if Local republishes the story of the incident. The account was originally posted on the Glover Park Listserv.

‘Dark Shadows’ Review: Depp Can’t Save Wounded Plot. DC Film Girl.

Guy steals his bike from the thief who stole it. We pass the time of day to forget how time passes.