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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 30th, 2013 by dcblogs

Is the DC Blogging Community Dead? Sean’s Ramblings wonders what happened to DC’s once energized blogging scene.

Bohemian Yankee in the Capital looks at the Jason Collins announcement and writes: A quick look at the comments shows how far the country has come and how far it needs to go.

Urban Bohemian makes a case for eloquent spam.

DC selects its cab colors: Gray (in honor of Duct tape) and red. Score one for dull ugly. City Desk.

Cute pet pictures always win. PoP.

A Letter from My 80-Year-Old Self. Wardrobe Oxygen.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 29th, 2013 by dcblogs

This bar sounds very cool. Hungry Lobbyist writes: Generally, a random wooden door next to a labeled restaurant means a service entrance, utility room, or three-knocks, a password and a dominatrix awaits. Not in 2013, not in DC, and certainly not at Daikaya Izakaya.

Twenty things it’s taken me 20 years to learn. Coffee & Stink. No. 4: Liking something ironically is the same as genuinely liking something.

A city girl cites the four reasons she hates the suburbs. Unemployed Kat.

For most people the White House Correspondents Dinner may signal nothing more than avoiding Connecticut around the Hilton. For those who think about it at a slightly deeper level, DCist writes, “the dinner represents the apotheosis of media narcissism.”

How do you know when it is time to switch jobs? Listing the attributes of staying vs. going is one way to decide. Grateful Dating.

Ok, if you do end up saying “goodbye,” (see post above) Shaunanagins has some advice, based on experience, on how to mess up the goodbye part.

Daily Blogging Tip: Inadvertent methods for improving site traffic and other musings. Africa in DC.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 25th, 2013 by dcblogs

Daughters vs sons. Where’s My Cape. Photo says it all.

I jaywalk. I jaywalk a lot, writes Candy Sandwich

Great photo of a DC street scene, or a Tour Guide’s True DC. Neighborhood Nomads.

Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax and the District of Columbia earned an “F” grade for ozone pollution — also known as smog, reports ARL Now.

The secret and odd life of Ellis the Elephant. Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog. Background: Ellis is a character in Callista Gingrich’s children’s books. Her husband once worked in Congress.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 24th, 2013 by dcblogs

Urban Turf has a great account of a bidding war for a rowhouse offered at $275,000 that quickly reaches $625,000

Observations of a Dog Park Stalker. Borderstan.

The Advoc8te writes about The Hive, a small business incubator in Ward 8 for nonprofits: Although The HIVEs aren’t located in shiny new buildings in a prestigious zip code we do what we can to provide quality and affordable office space solutions. Congress Heights On The Rise.

New flea market coming to Georgetown. The Georgetown Metropolitan.

Sobé Café coming to Mount Pleasant. 42.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 23rd, 2013 by dcblogs

Lucent Moments travels to Detroit and returns with an outstanding post about the city. It includes many photos of hauntingly beautiful, and sometimes despairing, scenes.

Through a series of photos, Lit follows the progress of the cherry blossoms in time-lapse manner. Lit’s Living on Capitol Hill (Hell!?)

Oh, hi DC believes council candidates should release their tax returns, and makes his case in a blog post. But after writing that post, he charges that a council candidate blocked him from following his Twitter account.

Everything you wanted to know about Private J.F. Sprinkle of the 7th Precinct. Ghosts of DC.

Here’s one way to draw attention to your blog: Offer free stickers. The 202.

Why did the media treat marathon bomb victims differently than they do victims of urban violence? Racialicious.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 22nd, 2013 by dcblogs

Props to the Cops – Attempted Robbery Arrest 14th and W St, NW. PoP.

We love our volunteers. American History blog.

Chicago sports, Boston style. Jascons View from DC.

Alligators and cats and ethnographic research.

A survey of food trucks with photos, in the post: Truckeroo Like a Pro. The Bottomless Mimosa.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 18th, 2013 by dcblogs

Jumping to conclusions about who to blame. The Republic of T looks at the Boston Marathon aftermath.

Are you noticing that certain words are gaining traction in our national discourse? Hanging out with Happy Bitch. A Glass After Work.

This should be obvious but bike riders with headphones or earbuds are a danger. Capital Comment.

Freezing egg nog. Lemon Gloria.

A Guide to Locker Room Etiquette. BBB

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 17th, 2013 by dcblogs

My Reflections On Boston and a Letter From My Mother. Rock Creek Runner.

Capitol Hill trash cans removed following bombing at Boston Marathon. Vox Populi.

Go, Pop, Go spent the last week in Boston.

Obama is losing his Democratic moorings. Occam’s Razor.

What’s DC’s Next U Street for Food? Bloomingdale.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 16th, 2013 by dcblogs

Depressed Extrovert writes that “when terrible things happen, impotence reigns.”

Stirrup Queens writes about a relative in the Boston Marathon, in the post, Split second.

“Best of DC” – not really the “best,” writes Brad Kanus, who takes exception to some of the picks.

Eight things we learned from Taste of the South, in photos. Cloture Club.

A co-op building that pays its owners may be good and true. Urban Turf.

Thoughts to you, Beantown. not so linear. Photo.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 15th, 2013 by dcblogs

Metro’s note about suspending track work during the Cherry Blossom Festival is, writes Jason’s View from DC, “a little self-congratulatory and pompous, condescending and patronizing all at the same time.”

Many observations, thoughts and advice about the cherry blossoms by Pithy Pants. Excerpt: To the couple in their seventies who packed a picnic basket and were toasting the sunrise with mimosas: you’re doing it right. To the women with a box of Dunkin’ Donuts and two liters of soda: you are not.

Very good cherry blossom photo by flickr user ekelly80. PoP.

DC Rock Live reviews Drew Gibson, long a favorite of the reviewer.

Two years later. Photos. Touching. Fly. Fish. Eat.