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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 30th, 2014 by dcblogs

So, you always wanted a motion-activated trash can? Or maybe not. Farm Fresh Meat.

DC Literary Outsider assesses life in DC. Excerpt: Everyone is defined here, egotistically. Sexual identity, professional life, material comforts, all flaunted, defined, displayed, pointed to. And if you’re not in that game of ego, as you might if you were more of a subtle mind kind of person wondering who you are, striving to be better and wiser and good, you’re to be ignored as a useless idiot.

Townhome proposal for Georgetown church opposed by ANC. Urban Turf

Tales from Washington DC has an awkward moment while working from home.

Every so often, bloggers share their reading list. Here are the books Adventures in Ashburn is reading.

Margin comments by a book editor. Sweetness and Light.

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The fourth family member is rushed to the vet. Jodifur.

Laurie Writes about becoming an aunt and the changes it helped to bring. An excerpt: I was an aunt-in-waiting with a drinking problem. A serious one that stressed my family and was in the process of destroying my career and my health, that had sent me driving cross-country to outrun stuff that kept catching me, that kept me tethered even as I sat in a beautiful room in the middle of a forest in Santa Cruz and couldn’t see the trees at all.

Really bad listing photos. Concrete Jungle DC. Interesting.

Making the best of a perfect day and magical place. JAMES1542.

Relevant to DC: The deep rewards of a deeply single life. Psychology Today

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Mr. Anthrope gets a federal job but it requires a security clearance. Should be no problem, he assumes. He is a disable veteran, ethics professor, and someone with no criminal history or any foreign contacts. But the months pass and pass, and his frustration only grows.

The Blarney Crone explains why she blogs and how she does it, and if her analysis and method resonates, share your tips as well. Excerpt: For me, blogging provides the relief and stimulation and centering that running or yoga seems to give to others. I notice something and I can’t wait to get home and write about it. I right myself by writing in my head. I record the essence of my life so I can remember it and for those who are part of it.

Where’s My Cape visits a blow-dry bar, is offered a drink, and notices that Keeping up with the Kardashians is on the TV.

Edatrix shows off her new baby. Photos.

Occam’s Razor takes care of Parker the dog over the weekend, and says he’s an 80 pound bundle of love. Photo.

Neighborhood concert series starts May 3. 42.

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Brutalism marks her 15th wedding anniversary with a wonderfully penned, and funny, piece.

Relationship issues and bed turf wars, all resolved, somewhat, by a pair of cats. PHNX65 in a well written piece.

It will make you angry: Why conservatives are willing to let people die. The Republic of T.

Georgia Avenue’s first wine bar gets conditional liquor support. SALM.

What Micky Eats is invited to try out Potbelly’s new “Flats” sandwich, and reports.

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The Hungry Lobbyist list the 17 DC warm weather problems.

Iriving and 14th in Columbia Heights is a buzzing, active area. But this isn’t new. Streets of Washington has a post about the Arcade, a building located in the same spot as the Best Buy/Target mall. Many photos and an interesting story.

A 360 degree panorama of Bridge Spot at Garfield Park in SE DC. Urban Sketchers.

A final ruling in an ANC FOIA case will cost taxpayers around $60,000. The Brookland Bridge.

Here is a story about a relatively short-lived house located on the same spot the La Tomate restaurant occupies today. House History Man.

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By following a friend’s blog recommendation, you understand something about a friend. Wardrobe Oxygen writes: By knowing what isn’t a good fit, we get closer to what is.

The fashion of F Street. Houndstooth.

The Compass Rose is “one of the more locally leaning spots to open in the 14th Street corridor of late,” writes Best Bites.

A plan to build a five-story condo in a two-story neighborhood is raising more than height. Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space.

Three of our five Friesian ewes are expecting, reports the Slow Cook.

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The Greatest Escapist attends a Google event to launch its Google City Experts and files a report.

Remember the Snowy owl hit by a bus? This was one tough bird, but he survived thanks to the help of some very good people. He is once again, free and a long way from DC’s buses. WAMU.

Word Perv recalls the Boston Marathon bombing and how it affected her.

And on the subject of running: “Nude dude’ runs down Taylor Street, cops in pursuit.” New Columbia Heights.

It is hard to walk away from a blog. Stirrup Queens.

Orange Hoodie attends Awesome Con 2014, an event devoted to popular culture. and reports.

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A transplant from Phoenix list the 15 things she has learned since moving to DC. Stories and Skylines.

One of DC’s best food options can be found at a gas station, the Lowest Price across from 14th St. Busboys. Check out the photo of the interior. My Amused Bouche.

Where are DC’s corner stores? R.U. Seriousing Me?

The time President Truman was booed at a Senator’s ball game. DC Baseball History.

There’s a first for everything: “I was street harassed in front of my own home.” Collective Action.

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Frozen Tropics is one of the oldest neighborhood blogs in the District, so when it asked its readers the question, When Did You Move Into The Neighborhood?, it got a response.

Bitches Who Brunch gives a shoutout to a local business, and offers details about its launch party. They write: Inspired by her travels as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. State Department, Uyen Tang envisioned an opportunity to connect style-conscious consumers with fashion-forward clothing. So she went off to business school at UPenn and came out with Stylecable.

By 2040, DC’s population could be close to 900,000. Beyond DC.

Ice Ice Andrew describes twins parenthood in the post, Shortcomings.

Jenny writes about her conversion as a cook. She recalls: Growing up my father would say, “No one is going to marry you if you can’t cook.”

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 17th, 2014 by dcblogs

Philly Bricks, a blog in that wonderful city, looks at a city council action to block the sale of two lots to developers. At issue is gentrification, and the writer makes note of what’s going on in other cities, including DC. The post is Ground Zero: Point Breeze.

Barred In DC goes inside the Red Line, a bar in Gallery Place, and returns with photos and a report.

If you have lived in DC longer than two years, there’s a very good chance you have been called for jury duty. This might be interesting to you. City Desk.

A very thoughtful post about aging parents. Flashfree.

A new bar, the Pub and the People, in Bloomingdale. District Source.