DC Blogs Noted


Pink and Green Mama, a blogger since 2008, explains why she is retiring from blogging.

For those who believe life is a depressing mess, here’s a post that puts things into perspective. Candy Sandwich.

First person reporting: Tree down at Masonic Temple in Dupont Circle: (Video) Bruce Majors.

This is a lovely idea: Turn the National Mall Reflecting Pool into a skating rink. Puck Buddies via Greater Greater Washington.

Bianca Floyd puts her photos of walking about the Capitol Hill neighborhood to music: (Video)

The most famous dog in Adams Morgan, and perhaps the District as well, is moving. PoP.

twitter rooster (Click here to see photo)

DC will vote on marijuana legalization in November. Capital Comment.

2 Responses to “DC Blogs Noted”

  1. Mari InShaw Says:

    You have a typo. Famous dog, not famous blog.

  2. dcblogs Says:

    Mari — Thank you