DC Blogs Noted


I’m always amazed at what searches bring readers to a blog.  PrettyAshley.com discusses the phenomenon.  I’ll say this:  her readers sound delightfully sane and lacking in anatomical confusion compared to some searches I have seen.

Living in the District has a handy (or paranoia inducing — you decide) map of fire hydrants, showing which are in service and when the hydrant was last inspected.

NicolaSix found a thong in her husband’s gym bag.  The best excuse her spouse could give her was that it was a stripper’s thong.  Should that make her feel better?  The blog’s author decides it’s a bad week to quit smoking.

Big Piece of Cake lists the things she’s done that make her “that mom”.

Freewheelin’ Spirit notes that Bike DC returns this Saturday.

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