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Rolling Thunder Thunder Tales Vietnam fighter pilot, author and blogger Ed Rasimus of Colorado Springs was in DC for the Memorial Day observances. He writes of his visit. It’s a long post and a very good read.

The throaty roar of Harley-Davidson was everywhere. The bikers are older than most that you see in Middle America. These guys tend to be over fifty with gray hair, a lot of wrinkles, a few tattoos and leather vests that are festooned with Vietnam war unit patches, ribbons, medals and slogans. They reek of patriotism, not Pennzoil.

He also writes of the families he saw on the Mall, and of a reunion of group of fighter pilots at the Old Ebbitt Grill, which picked up the drinks. It’s long way from the reception that returning Vietnam veterans received in San Francisco, he writes.

Yep, you won’t see too much of it in the major newspapers. But, America is back. We’re proud to be Americans. We are the brightest hope in the world for a better life for all people. We’re big, we’re strong, and we’re loud and pushy. We’re Americans and we’re damned proud of it regardless of what you might have heard.

Settling sucks Mig’s Blog Spot A woman in Rockville, “Dartmouth grad, Internet junkie,” writes of relationship frustrations.

Have you ever just gone along with something because it was convenient and required little effort on your part? … Well, say hello to my current life.

Bananas Blogstretch An evening that includes the Bright Eyes concert begins with this scene at an Ethopian Restaurant in Adams Morgan. The post includes *actual dialog*, so click on through.

This guy was in his early 30s, wearing a short sleeve button up shirt with a swirly blue, green and yellow pattern all over it, and took a stance against the bar that showed off his tremendously large belly. That’s when he hit me with what I can honestly say is the worst pick up line I have ever heard.

Farewelling DC Pieces of our lives A post from a student who is leaving DC with some sadness. It’s a post with fellow classmates in mind but with themes that may ring true for most.

I wish you were here to share with me my final few days in DC, as a student. Remember how we all once were?

Galaxy Billiards report DirectCurrent This Silver Spring establishment has loud music, abysmal table service but great equipment.

The bartenders were excellent – – sharp gentlemen who would remember your name, your drink, and your table number. The food at Galaxy was typical of poolhall fare . . . a handful of soggy entrees vying for attention against a very broad assortment of deep-fried appetizers.

Spectacular views Amy’s Blog From a Baltimore visitor, there’s a long post that includes this insight:

There is a dirty little construction site right on K Street in line with the row of stores and restaurants. It is a huge hole in the ground littered with two-by-fours and a backhoe or two. It is cool because it is the one spot along K Street in Georgetown that is completely quiet and ignored on a Saturday night. And you can see the side walls of the buildings next to the site – bricks that probably hadn’t seen light in years, if not decades. Spectacular views, right?

Tourist reports Travelblog A report from one of DC’s many visitors:

one thing i have learnt about DC – monuments get boring really, really quickly. although bothering the security personnel at the white house by hanging around and looking suspicious is totally fun.

Also noted: DC residents continue to count on listservs for local information. DCist offers a report on those mailing lists. It notes, for instance, that the Cleveland Park list alone has 2,820 members. I’m out of here by Back of the Hill. New job in Boston. Rolling Thunder photos at Washington Socialites. Photo: Union Station. Taken Saturday.