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Peeps and Consequences Sour N Sweet and An Omnipotent Blog Whoever said that DC is a button-up type of town doesn’t know about these writers.

How changing a tank top in a moving vehicle can halt traffic. What happens when her passenger changes her shirt in a moving vehicle, reports Sour N Sweet. Explains how he can remove his shirt – while wearing a backpack — in public, from An Omnipotent Blog That’s Not Interesting

Also Noted: Bicycle diaries. Lock is sawed-off at Dupont Circle Metro, among other things, reports Gwen. Also read this interesting report, Bait Accompli, at City Paper City Desk about how one California city tried a LoJack-style device on a bike. In DC, of course, there’s no interest in it. DC Bachelor has launched a new blog, Furball Approved, in conjunction with a cat to highlight video clips of interest. The best type of video websites have someone reviewing and recommending the clips, writes DCB. I’m confident that my taste in video quality is better than the average person. He thinks my olhos are bonitos. A night out in Dupont with photos. Mary Just Mary. Gives Arlington public library 40 grocery bags of books, five bags of DVDs and VHS tapes. Says library volunteer: “Ah, book hoarders. Exactly the kind of people we like.” From light refresh-mints. Preparing for West Coast move. A return to the Brickskeller and a question: Has the quality of the food served at the Brickskeller taken a dive in recent years? Or have our culinary standards changed in the transition from 20s to 30s, so that now stuff that seemed wonderful no longer measures up? Asks Polytropos. Thank you DC writes Katie who is leaving for California. A long list of things: thank you for introducing me to early Saturday mornings at eastern market; to kisses in the rain. Garfield is moving to NY and writes: DC is, in many ways, the perfect city in which to start out. New blog, DC Adventures, who writes: I just graduated from Michigan State University with a BS in Physics. I got a job working for the government so I’m now officially an employee of the USA. The dcblogs.com/live feed artwork is improving dramatically thanks to the Web design expertise and skills of Meghan. Her work is just wonderful, and this effort by her has gone a long way in making the feed attractive and entertaining. Please contact her at this address for art changes and or feedback.