DC Blogs Noted

Many 20-somethings can tell you exactly where the tagline “What’s your favorite scary movie?” came from. ¬†Fifteen years later, the fourth installment of the “Scream” franchise has hit the big screen, and D.C. Universe has a review of Wes Craven’s latest film.

Assorted Stuff recently took a trip “back home” to Arizona. After spending a few days with family and friends, he recounts why Arizona just isn’t the place for him.

Good sense takes a backseat to cookies, always. Spleeness explains her encounter with a pantless-door-too-door cookie salesman.

It’s Earth Week here in D.C., and Friday is Earth Day the world over. MetroD.C. urges us to take part in “an act of green“, and has a few tips to get you started.

Finally, Tina Dela Rosa Photography has some gorgeous snaps for you this week.