DC Blogs Noted

A note: There are many outstanding posts about the Virginia Tech shootings. Here are three of them:

The Washington Post as well as other news outlets, the pundits in particular, are too anxious to find fault and blame. Writes PoofyGoo in her post, Jaundiced Journalism: I know the noise of blame is comforting and distracting.

City Sparkle worries that the Virginia Tech shootings may produce a new stereotype. Her post, Portrait of a Tragedy, begins: I can’t help thinking to myself, why did the Virginia Tech shooter have to be Asian?

Improving the safety of children can also heighten their fears. PunditMom, in a post titled Can it Make Sense to a First-Grader?, writes: After yesterday’s murders, I’m wondering how it’s possible to balance a discussion about possibly increasing safety precautions at her school with the reality that more of that may only serve to frighten the kids more than they already are.

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