DC Blogs Noted

Do you remember U.S. Atty. General John Ashcroft? Of course not, but he liked his art dressed, and ordered a cover-up of a partially nude statue in the DOJ building. It was one of the low points in government office art. But Life in a Swamp says the U.S. has since come around, and is now displaying wonderful things. It recently spent $1 million on a “granite sculpture by Sean Scully” (here’s the award notice.) Life in a Swamp calls it “a nice pile of rocks — but it’s not that nice.”

The electricity at 1442 T Street was turned off before many of you, gentle readers, were born (1983), but it’s getting a new life, finally. SALM has the details.

Confessions of a Dilettante writes a letter to her daughter on her seventh birthday.

DC Social Media Week is coming up, reports DC City Blog.

Walmart is open, and guess what? It looks just like a Walmart. The Triangle.

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