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When you overhear something that reminds you of what you don’t have. Caterwauling.

Candy Sandwich writes about the social benefits of owning a dog. Excerpt: In the past week and two days, I have met more random strangers than I ever thought possible.

Welcome to Joinertown (aka Washington, D.C.) @SadieDing. Express.

My life coach told me not to suspend my life, writes Carla Jenkins

In case you never thought about it before (or even heard of it, there is something called the Bechdel Test, as Mean Louise explains in the post, Thinking about the Bechdel Test.

Lacochran has a change of heart about food trucks.

Big wedding problem: Do you hold the wedding where you live, San Francisco, or where everyone else lives, friends and family, Chicago? Dear Me.

Book recommendation: The Drowning Guard DCPeg.

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