DC Blogs Noted

Random Duck is outraged over the scant penalty paid by a motorist involved in an accident that killed a cyclist.

This is one of the more interesting blogs to pop up, it’s called DC Tropics. It is by a botanist and gardener who is “testing the limits with hardy palms, bananas, and other (sub)tropical plants” in DC. With climate change it ought to be exciting.

Cleaning up with Brother Brian and Father Watkins. In Shaw. Excerpt: When Father Watkins came to Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Shaw from St. Matthew’s Cathedral in 2001 he noticed, “a tremendous amount of trash. All over the sidewalks and curbs and properties.”

This looks good: Three-way apple bread with cinnamon glaze. Raw In The Middle.

This is what happens when you move out of DC to points north. Slow Cook.

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