DC Blogs Noted

Serious back-to-work time waster: Notions Capital list the best of “the best of 2013 lists.” It includes such finds as “Top 10 Meat Scandals of 2013,” “The year in insults: 2013′s best put-downs,” “Politicians’ 11 dumbest tweets of 2013,” and “The Least Important Writers of 2013,” among many others.

Why it will take longer to get a seat in a restaurant in 2014. BeyondDC.

The music Harmany Music liked in 2013.

Goodbye and on to other things: A Peek of Chic says farewell. InShaw signs off.

The 2013 year in review, in photos, by Orange Hoodie.

Cook In Dine Out has its best of 2013 restaurant list.

Dumb Things I Have Done Lately models a sweater made in a non-existent country.

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