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Blog worthy roommate sought via Craigs List by Herb of DC. Writes one person in response: If you are looking to live with someone with nicknames such as “E-wrecked” “E-nough” and “E-bombs,” then you have found me.

A Guys’ Weekend
means going to the Preakness and doing better on the betting than the guys. Infinite Connections

I Seem To Be Married To An Insane Arms Dealer
. Red Nose Good possibility.

The writer at Heard The World says any woman who dates him will get married, but not just to him. And writes: It happened again. I got an email informing me that yet another ex-girlfriend got married over the weekend. This is my super power: if you date me, your next boyfriend will be the One.

Blogger Meetup Wednesday, 7 p.m., RFD (Regional Food and Drink) 810 7th St. NW, just steps away from Chinatown exit of Gallery Place Metro Station. Everyone is invited and welcome. No reservations needed

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