The main page is a news site. It reports on topics raised by bloggers, changes in the DC blogging community, as well as bring new blogs to the attention of readers. We're always on the hunt for interesting content and suggestions are encouraged -- let us know about your work or the work of other writers that you think we should be making a note of. Just write If you would like to join the ranks of regular contributors.

Where do the pictures in the site banners come from?

Well, you! We encourage readers to send in their favorite local photos and select new images to use in each of our banners every week. Contributors are given credit for their photos and the images are linked back to the photographer's blog (where available). Please send us your photos for consideration, preferably at least 800px wide, and include your name as you would like it to appear on our site as well as your blog URL, if applicable.

How does my blog get listed in

To request listing in the live feed please send a note to:

How can I get wonderful looking icon art ?

The icon art is created by Meghan. She takes elements from your blog to create an icon. If you have your own art, please send it along. For any art questions and feedback please email Meghan.

How often are blogs updated?

Blogs are updated every 30 minutes. If you post more than once in a 24-hour period, only the most recent post will appear. A post will stay up on the feed for 24 hours. We don't archive.

How quickly are blogs added?

Blogs are added as quickly as possible, usually within several days.

I've changed my URL – when will the feed be updated?

Hopefully within a day

Are all blogs added?

We reserve the right to reject any blog for live listing. There's no hard and fast rule for listing blogs, and the vast majority of requests are honored. But here are some general guidelines: blogs that are very specialized in content ( i.e. "Hi dcblogs! I live in DC and my blog is about DNA sequencing.") may not be a good fit for the live feed. Generally, we're interested in bloggers who make an honest effort to avoid writing about Paris Hilton. If you consistently use colorful words in a headline, we may wait to enter your blog to see how it progresses.

Legal disclaimer:

This feed is offered as a public service. We're not affiliated with any of the blogs in the live feed and have zero control over the content that appears on it. We don't monitor the blog postings and may hide under a pillow until the bad post goes away.

Why do this?

We sometimes refer to people as "internets" in casual conversations with total strangers. As in, "There are a lot of internets on the Metro today."

What is a peep?

We're not completely sure but they're everywhere. But it's completely appropriate to say: "Internets, let's give some props to the peeps."

Regarding the main page:

Please send us links to interesting posts. If you wrote something that you think turned out well, don't be shy -- send us a note about it!


Thomas Fausel developed the live feed engine. Tom is a talented technologist and good friend who first used it for He put an enormous number of hours building it and deserves more thanks than I can possibly offer. His work represents his belief in the importance of blogs.

Meghan is responsible for maintaining the site and the icon art on the live feed. She has an amazing design talent, energy and wit. She is professional Web designer, talented writer and photographer.

Washington Cube, a thoughtful writer of enormous depth, wit and humor, contributes posting ideas and is a genius for finding interesting content.

Erika, whose sharp eye, razor intelligence and wit lends much to this effort, is a frequent contributor of posting ideas.

kob, who wrote this faq, writes about blogs on the main page. His experience includes working as a newspaper reporter and editorial page editor, he now writes about technology.

A very special thanks to 'R' who contributes suggestions frequently and alerts kob to typos.