A change for DCBlogs

Dear Readers,

It’s time to make a change. We are opening up dcblogs to contributing editors who can post on topics they think may be of interest to readers of this blog. A handful of people have expressed interest, most responding to a little note left on a chat icon, and I am very grateful for their interest as well as their insights.

The daily DC Blogs Noted post will continue. The live feed will keep updating every 30 minutes. That basic mission, to help connect local bloggers, is unchanged. But what is changing is that this blog is now a platform for others, working as contributing editors, to reach its regular visitors.

What will contributing editors write about? And how often? I don’t know. It may seem odd to announce something and not know exactly how it will unfold, but this is blogging. The approach may be tentative at first. All that can be said for certain is a door is now open that will not be closed.

By breaking out of the restraint of the one-post-a-day format, we’re now free to add other content. And that could be fun. Speaking for myself, some of the things I may do is develop an annotated list of new blogs added to the feed. Perhaps some Q&As with bloggers, as well as notes about blogs in other cities, and trends I see in this community and others. One contributing editor may offer a writing contest, and I’ll try to find a sponsor for it. These are writers who are doing this apart from their own work, although there may be some cross-posting.

This blog involves other people who don’t get anywhere near the credit they deserve and this note gives me the opportunity to thank them: Meghan, the site designer and artist who does the wonderful icons, and Tom, who developed the feed engine. Without their support and effort, this blog would not exist. Their motivation rest in their belief that blogs are helping to humanize our communities.

Some site changes: Meghan has moved the main page static link list to another page. This was needed to improve the main page load time. And Tom has made some changes that allow quick feed updates. I’ll try to make feed changes as soon as life and work permit, but hopefully no longer than a few days of any request. The FAQ doesn’t reflect this yet, but it will be updated shortly.

If participating in this effort as a contributing editor appeals to you as well, please send a note to dcblogs@gmail.com

Thank you for reading this blog.