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ISO “A Guest” Diary of an Angry Black Woman Our writer needs to bring someone to a work-related dinner cruise. But there’s a problem: She doesn’t have anyone to bring. There’s no “Plus-One” in her life. This is a very good post on a common dilemma for many in the DC area, and it ends with this personal:

So, if you are 5”9 or taller; age (26-36); educated; a good-looking brotha who doesn’t use bridges or fillers like “knowhaimsayin;” love to wear a suit; can hold your own with nosey “work people” and have some knowledge of society, cultural, and world/national issues, please let me know. Maybe you can accompany me on this and other occasions when I need a plus one.

What is a blog? DC Mayor Williams DC Mayor Anthony Williams has started a blog and it’s impressive that he has done so. As an elected official, it’s a bold territory he’s entering and, hopefully, it will inspire others in office to do likewise. A difficult issue facing the mayor and his staff is how to deal with comments posted on the blog. As it stands, the publishing of comments is at the “discretion of the Mayor’s communications staff.”
These standards should be detailed, so if a post isn’t published that writer has a reference point. To do otherwise is to appear arbitrary, engender mistrust, and weaken the blog’s value as a communications tool; the mayor’s blog will be seen as a press release by other means. (Please note, however, that I raised similar concerns in a post that was published yesterday on the mayor’s blog.) These concerns aside, the mayor deserves the benefit of doubt and best wishes in this effort. He writes, in part:

As I welcome you to my blog I’m asking myself the question: What is a blog anyway? Is it a modern high-tech version of the diary logging the experiences and observations of a local public official? Is it an almanac capturing my far flung and scattered interests in fields ranging from ornithology to baseball? …. I’m not really sure. We’ll figure this out as we go.

Hooters Tetes and Assets Washington Cube Our writer, who is moving her blog to Blogger (so update your links), has written an excellent post about Boys’ Lunches and their rationales for going to Hooters. But the post artfully moves into some thoughts about friendships and blogging.

When they do get together for lunch it’s never at some chi chi little bistro or restaurant du jour, but usually at “guy” type places like Mongolian barbeque, or an Irish pub, or…Hooters. When I told Drew I might be writing about this summer lunch ritual, he said “Remember that despite our surroundings, our discussions remain elevated and intellectual. It’s the contrast and disparity we relish and can’t explain to those who don’t understand.” Okay, Drew. So you like to go to Hooters.

Professionalism, Where Have You Gone? Cleveland Park Men’s Club The writers at the CPMC have attitude, range and creativity, which is evident in this post on professionalism. The author of this piece, the Milkman, believes excuse-ridden incompetence is gaining too much ground. One piece of advice:

THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS “YES, AND”: Forget that you ever heard the word “No.” It is useless in virtually every situation. “No” people put up roadblocks when there is a piece of collapsed highway in their path. “Yes” people find a way to quickly and calmly build a bridge so that forward movement is never halted but only delayed slightly. If your first instinct during a situation is to say, “No,” pause, breathe and begin your next verbalization with “Yes, and…”

Also noted: All I think About is Food shares a vegetarian secret, with recipe. It’s one we don’t talk about, but we all keep. We like soy meat substitutes. Donkey Rampant in the City shares a beautifully written letter from a friend who is in Russia. He introduces the letter this way: Just think when you have it bad, you still have it better than this… For those of you who believe that bloggers blog because they have no other way to have fun, check out this report by Rob Goodspeed, the editor of DCist, on the monthly DC Blogger Meetup. Rob has graciously organized these get togethers. It’s a real joy to meet some of the people behind so many of DC’s lively blogs. I encourage anyone with an interest in blogging to attend. It’s a nice way to meet new people.