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When Mr. Satan Knocks on My Heart’s Door Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog The Princess, whose mission is to “keep track of Condoleezza’s hairdo so you don’t have to,” has started audio blogging with the help of a gadget (a link is provided) that makes it easy to convert vinyl to mp3s. Her first audioblogging effort offers two songs from Marcy Sings to Children, including the Mr. Satan song. The Princess writes:

Disturbing Christian music for children is one of my favorite genres, and I’ve got more than a dozen LPs by the fabulously nightmarish Marcy, whose power to clear a room exceeds even Throbbing Gristle.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2006 Filmmaking For The Poor This DC based blogger focuses on independent filmmakers. He describes his mission this way: Compared to the multi-national, multi-million & multi-billion dollar Hollywood Indiewood film production and distribution companies and their resources, most all other filmmakers are poor. This blog will celebrate films made on a very low budget. This is a well research post with a strong collection of links.
Also Noted: Dupont Circle makes the list of worst public “squares” in the U.S. It’s at number 13. Education Plaza in DC ranks at 10. City Hall Plaza in Boston is first. From Project for Public Spaces. Blogging about the list is the 13th Floor from Governing. The kindnesses of strangers. A suit is needed in a hurry and a Nordstrom’s sales clerk responds. From Neptunus Lex I won’t tell anyone that Mark Warner is running for president if you don’t. Richard Barton writing for the Falls Church News-Press. Tonic Owners Head to Foggy Bottom. From Metrocurean. Religious Vigil Against Torture, tonight from 5 to 7, outside the vice president’s house. Come demonstrate quietly and peacefully with candles, flashlights, and signs on the sidewalk across from the house. Once you arrive, take your place next to the last person in line, on the sidewalk, facing the Vice President’s House. A line will be created down Massachusetts Avenue as long as the number of people who have joined. This is a vigil – please, no shouting or chanting. From DC Metro Action.