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I See Dead People Cleveland Park Men’s Club This is an exceptional post by the Senator. It’s about his experience as a volunteer with an emergency medical team. It’s a post about life, death and respect – and it’s one of the best I’ve read. It’s effective because it tells a story built on authentic experience. This is how it starts:
Last Friday I held a dead man.
As some may (or may not) know, “A Girl in DC” is a fire fighter, emergency medical technician, and field medic for Montgomery County…

Slowdown in DC theater attendence? Theater Boy This post, titled Where do we go from here? Ask blog readers to share their views about a slowdown in theater attendance. And did they. There are some 45 comments in response to this request. Some brief excerpts from a sampling of the many comments on this lively blog:

— People bring up dvds and movies as possible culprits but in fact sales of both movie tickets and dvds have also been declining. — As for the summer slump, I have one word for all of yas: it’s called VACATION. — It’s definitely not due to summer vacation time. All of us regularly going to DC theatre have seen the drop off in attendance. — I don’t have A/C in my car, so someone’s gotta flash some flesh to get me to motor on in to DC from VA. — We also have to look at who drives ticket sales. Speaking strict demographics: women and gay men. — Certain theater two days ago. Audience of nine, cast of nine. Act (Play) 2, audience of 4, all of whom seem sedated or have their mouths sewn shut.

Engagement cliffhanger Part One, Part Two Grateful Dating If the U.S. intelligence agencies put as much effort into their work as this writer puts into her analysis of dating and relationships, the world would be a much safer place. But for a brief moment, there were fears that this dating blog was about to morph into a wedding blog. Please read both posts.

He was funny and unabashed and ready to talk about the things (like marriage) that I’ve been avoiding for years. He asked me interesting questions that made me think. I enjoy that. He asked, “When did you know you were ready to get married?”

It’s the Little Things Love, Love, Love Our writer, Princess Guiness, attends a Marine Chamber Orchestra concert, but toward the end notices a man with his young son sitting on his lap with a baton. What she witnesses is “most extraordinary, and writes:

I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one who had noticed, he may have stolen the show for those of us with wandering eyes. We were delighted, indeed.

Time To Leave This Apartment Beauty and the Beltway This DC resident via Montana has had enough of her apartment building. There’s the police car that crashed into the building, the flood from an apartment above, and then there’s the real messy problems in the stairwells.

Attention Residents of the District of Columbia, I need your help. I’m in the market for a new apartment and I’m looking for advice and recommendations. Which neighborhoods are the best/worst? Which buildings do you love/hate? Are apartment brokers worth the money? Which management companies should be avoided? But just so you have an idea what I am looking for, let’s discuss where I have been. …

Busted Miles From DC Police take action and close a crackhouse, this blogging neighbor reports.

The guys seemed like nice enough people but when you partake in an underground economy such as they had it cheapens a neighborhood and endangers a community. But this morning that is no longer a concern – because somewhere in a DC jail sit the former neighbors.

Also noted: Happy 100th, Stanley Kunitz – one of America’s greatest living poets, writes Enchilada’s Blog The Plastic Opening – news about the plastic tape car (with photo) on DC Art News. Taste of Bethesda returns Oct. 1, reports DC Foodies.