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Kickball Grateful Dating This post concerns kickball. The sport of kickball. On and off field strategy is discussed, as well as the rules. There’s also a rundown of the team: who plays defense, offense as well as overall stats, such as runs, kicks and errors.

Unhappy short guy: not too short and rather good looking. Flirted with Pele when she gave him a ride to the game. Fished for an invitation to a sporting event, which she declined to issue. Flirted with me as soon as I arrived in the bar. When his girlfriend arrived, he did not introduce her to us and sat with her away from the group for the rest of the night. Pele and I were astonished, “No way. No way does he have a girlfriend. But she is so his girlfriend.” Later I said, “He’s getting the cold-shoulder from us. He must be punished.”

For more information see DC Kickball. There’s a schedule and email/sign-up list on the DC Kickball site. Also, please see this report in DCist. The Age Of Mediocrity On Rush Hour in D.C. This is a new blog, started up this month by a writer with a love/hate relationship with DC. But this post addresses the declining standards in all things.

…our conversation included the subject of the dumbing down of America and how mediocrity is now actually something to be proud of. It is, to borrow a Dickensian phrase, “the worst of times” in America to aspire to be smart and to seek excellence in all one undertakes. We are rapidly becoming a nation of many adults who think it’s okay to quit in the middle of a race or a C-average is good enough or spelling, grammar and punctuation are old-fashioned and time-consuming….

Rascal Ambivalent Imbroglio If you like dogs, you’ll like this post. Click on the photo.

We went last night to meet Rascal, the dog I mentioned yesterday, and to let our current dog, Sisu, meet him and see what would happen. As you can see from the picture, the two of them wore each other out. They got along famously; I don’t think we’d have to worry about dog fights.

Things that tick me off Urban Fantasy A fine collection of rants that can be enjoyed by all. A sample:

The District of Columbia, for its psychotic parking registration laws that mean I either pay an additional thousand dollars a year to get DC insurance and plates or give up my precious one vacation day to drive the Focus back to Michigan where it will sit, unloved and undriven, for the remainder of its lonely days. Except, of course, for when my sister comes home on Christmas break from her fancy-schmancy school to drive it into the side of the garage and get in accidents in the parking lot of Starbucks.

Also noted: DC Bloggers have fun! Blogger mugshots from The Butterfly Network.