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The Wind Catches Your Feet ‘And something happened in DC. Something really special.’ Sarath Doctor from North Cackalack writes about DC.

… A new energy. A new life. With a prologue set for the next 2 chapters. A final one in proving surgical potential & mettle in the South and the beginning of life in the District of Columbia. And it wasn’t some sort of bullshit feel-good Tom Hanks movie. It was real. ‘Chock full of the authentic joy and misery of life….

Police at my door this morning Strange Violin Music The author of the former blog, Daily Bulletin from Dating Hell, is broadening her topics, but this post is close to home.

… and sure enough, two police officers, who had gone around back to knock on my neighbor’s door and ask for me, were coming back through the gate and up the front steps.”Can I help you?” I asked. …

Also Noted: Incorrect use of gender. “Do you have a girlfriend?” From Dragon in Retrograde House warming: I woke up with so much guilt, it is killing me. I missed ten calls for help from T last night. And you know why he was calling? Cause his house was burning down! From the The Life and Times of Chai Why does everyone have to be a sicko? Writes Diet Coke is the New Water after viewing some personal ads. Drinking Cosi’s vanilla blueberry kefir while watching lit-up police cars race under the circle to repress dissent somewhere. From In Revolt. Protesting is hard work. I’ve never seen so many mohawks in one place before. From Kim’s Notebook. CodePink blogs from Washington DC