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Writings from an American in Germany Here I stand This is a new blog by Jennifer who has relocated from DC Metro to Germany. In two separate posts she writes about the “things I don’t miss,” and the “5 things I miss.” Included among the not missed:

The general standoffishness of people in a metro area. The DC area just isn’t very friendly. I haven’t met many Germans (and those I have I couldn’t communicate with very well), but the Americans living here are very friendly. Perhaps because they were newcomers not that long ago, or because we’re all in a foreign country

How Not to be Classy The Large Glass A report from a Get Up Kids concert:

Throughout the concert, the band members were drinking beers and taking the occasional whisky shot, which I don’t mind – I’m all for the rock star style and having a fun, relaxed time and all. However, if I’m paying money to see you perform, you damn well better be able to perform. So, by the end of the concert the guitar player was trashed.

High Court Disappointment Sprite Writes The importance of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision backing New London, Conn.’s right of eminent domain.

This case has repercussions throughout the nation where thousands of residents face eminent domain for private development. The repercussions here in D.C. include the new baseball stadium, which stands to be built where private businesses currently exist.

(The DCist take with helpful links on this topic.)

What is it with Men’s Fashion this Summer? Webcowgirl This Texas to Arlington transplant is wondering about men’s summer fashion.

I was at a country club with D and we were surrounded by seersucker pants (I saw one MAN in a delicate shade of pink – I had no idea pink seersucker existed)

How Washington Works A view From the Sidelines of Life Jerry from Colorado recalls a story about Senator Byrd and the help he gave a woman in getting a job at the FBI, in a post titled: A Word about My Personal Experience with Senator Byrd. Prophet of Doom The Land of JD There’s a round-up of earthquake warnings covered here with special emphasis on New Madrid Fault, which runs from northwest of Memphis to southern Illinois.

How strange it is that these Westerners ignore such dire warnings such as this and instead of preparing themselves they make things like they were before, as if in doing so they will not have to face the consequences of their inactions in the future.

Also noted: Overheard on the Metro by Alexandra Silverthorne: comments about the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Damsel in DC lists the top five reasons you can’t wear a bikini top to the DC Caribbean Festival The Saloon, a U Street bar, gets a recommendation from A Fine are not allowed to stand at the bar or anywhere in the place. So it never gets silly-packed or too loud. Tremendous. The weird comments behind Washington Nationals community outreach program, by Mellow. Celebrity sightings by Her Ladyship. Among them: Wolf Blitzer outside Chloe in Adams-Morgan. He is just as cute and huggable in person as he is on TV. Just a wee little guy! DCaffeinateds blog is coming to an end. In the fall I may come back to blogging, but I’ll be based out of Austin, Texas, so a DC-themed blog probably doesn’t make the most sense.

Photo: Scene from this weekend’s Caribbean Festival near Howard University.
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