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New York, New York Siryn’s Song Our writer gets a job offer at a NY firm, and meets a guy from eHarmony. They go for a walk around the DC monuments at night.

…It was a beautiful night, and there is so much I have neglected to do while I have been living here. I regret the thought of leaving without having seen all that Washington has to offer. There is a measure of comfort and beauty that cannot compare to New York City, though New York is also a cultural Mecca. It’s like comparing Golden Delicious to Red Delicious Apples.

For real: A Star is Born DC Sleeps Alone Tonight Big news on this blog. PlayfulinDC is leaving the office life to tour in a Kennedy Center production, “Alexander and I’m Not…Going to Move.” It’s a seven month commitment filled with angst and excitement. I met this writer at a DC Weblogger meeting and can tell you why she is destined as a big stage performer. Like her blog, PlayfulinDC is full of life, giving, smart and witty – fun to be around. But there’s some ache about this decision.

Really, my fear comes down to loneliness. I had gotten used to my busy, active life rolled in with the budding possibilities of a healthy, passionate relationship. None of these will exist once I hop on that tour bus. I’ll have to put my personal life on hold to re-invent my career. Yes, I know there will be interesting people along the way, but we theatre folk know that there is nothing better than our stable non-theatre friends or a stable, non-theatre boyfriend to even things out.

Capitol Lounge fire Assorted DC blogs A fire severely damaged this popular Hill spot. Fortunately, DC has a few other bars left. A round-up of comments. Designs on You: They had $.10 wings on Tuesdays, and that was my weekly brunch place, iced tea, eggs over medium/bacon, and chips/salsa b/c the salsa was homemade and outta this world. DCist: Provides story and photo links. Also check out the rich collection of comments, including: I will miss you sweet sweet Capitol Lounge. I loved the way you made me feel when I walked (often) through your doors. You held me, you rocked me, and slowly sang me a sweet lullabye. Metroblogging: No injuries were reported though widespread panic is rippling through the Capitol Hill intern community. Access Anisa: It feels like the remnants of a confused young adult trying to make it in DC are no more. I have a million memories from that place. My favorite: the jukebox. My best friend, Amber, and I would play D12’s “Purple Pills” whenever we would go there. Washington Post: earlier review.
Also noted When Robin Worldwide’s PDA dies and its contact list lost, a note is sent to her parents. It produces an exchange that this writer shares. A touching read. Girls with Drinks is a new blog that list seven contributors. There are about a half-dozen posts. One concerns plans for Saturday night. A coworker/friend is turning 30 next week (really, I pity her…can you hear my sarcasm?!) and wants to do it up this weekend… in 21 year old form… Yeah, you know that can only mean one thing… bar hopping in Adams Morgan. There’s also (very good read) this tribute to the Capitol Lounge: According to channel four news, the bar will reopen soon. I can only hope. I know that the world’s in a bit of chaos these days. I should be ashamed for mourning the temporary loss of a bar but I do. It feels like home.
Road Trippin’ with Tiaras Optional to Scranton, Pa., to a party with 800 other people. And she reports that she “had basically the same conversation with all of them.” Click to find out. Bewildering glances on Vitals.dc. Zippy the Pinhead made the Vet’s Liquor sign in Beltsville famous in a recent cartoon strip. Washington Cube drives out and takes photos of the real sign. From Don’t Stop Me Now there’s a warning about the game Googlewhacking. I read through all the rules and thought, “Well, this can’t be too hard — just think of pairs of offbeat words…” I was wrong. I can’t do it! Even worse, it’s addictive. Opinions sought concerning wedding monogram templates by Working Title which has been renamed Athens Fabulous 101.