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Haunting Thoughts About a Forgotten Man DC Drama Grrls A man dies and his skeleton is found in the bathtub. The background and questions are in this Washington Post story, but the answers are missing. Our blog writer becomes obsessed with wanting to know more. She visits the place where the Forgotten Man lived and died and leaves with a new way of living. An excerpt: I struggle to comprehend how this man could simply disappear, not to be noticed or missed by anyone; only to have his remains discovered by an investor who just took possession of the house after purchasing it in a tax sale. We live our lives with little notice to our neighbors, too busy in our own day-to-day routine.

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Ghost Stories Grace’s Poppies This writer “believes in magic” and it shows in writing that captures life’s mysticism. An excerpt:
The ghosts are everywhere this week – tucked in between the bright red maple leaves, stirring in my dog’s favorite verbena bush, all over the National Mall – they run thick down there – and of course in our house. Only in October does the plumbing groan here on Tennessee Ave. … Palisades Dispatch The Washington Oculus This post is pure DC: Parties, The French, hint of scandal. This is delicious writing by a talented scribe. An excerpt:

“Amalie is watching a collapsing world with a benevolent mind. That is very beautiful. No?” I wasn’t sure if Renaud was referring to his prose-on-the-fly, or to Amalie’s sobriety in the midst of embassy interns and staffers drunk on pastis, cheap beer and tequila. …

This is my humble request dear readers, not his: Support a DC troop in Iraq and give him a link. His blog name is Chairborne Stranger. In a recent post, this is what Crazy City Girl had to say about his writing: He gives such a visual on what it’s like in a war zone from a soldier’s perspective, something that is vastly different from that of a journalist reporting from Iraq. If you know of other DC metro soldiers overseas with blogs, please send me their links. Our blogger in Iraq writes:

Good day again, here in Iraq, as far as good days go. Great meal at dinner (Fresh baked bread rocks, along with shake ‘n bake chicken) …

Also Noted: Blog relationships. Thoughtful post, good comments. From City Sparkle – who has a new blog look. The weird thing is that although it may seem like we all know each other so well, in reality most of us don’t. Dating two boys is hard by Blackberry Debutantes. There are other issues as well. DC Ghost Story at Metroblogging. Logan Circle News makes USATV9 news. Report and video link from site. A new Wonketter? DC’s Tyrannosaurs Rex of Snark, the DCeiver, is writing for Wonkette. Amazing photographic work at Olechko. Small Picture DC High Heel Race photos artfully done.

“Incredible” — 3-D photo arts on The Butterfly Network.