Blog Gifts Needed

M Street A special request: A friend of a DC Metro blogger in Iraq is assembling care packages for 300 Marines and Army troops stationed there. They are in a relatively “HOT” zone and keeping their spirits up is a must, writes Julia, the organizer and whose friend is the blogger, Chairborne Stranger. Her list of what’s needed: Cookies and baked goods, food that is packaged and won’t go bad, jerky, boxes of cereal, chocolate and candy in winter (won’t melt), tuna/canned goods, granola/nuts, personal items, including tootbrushes, soap, razors (Mach 3), coffee for coffee lovers, warm clothes for winter, letters and cards, games to play, DVDs or CDs, reading material (books, newspapers, magazines) and socks (always exciting) All these will go out about 2nd week of January. With the elections and holidays mail is slow to none existent so I wanted to wait a bit to send everything. If you have things to donate for this, please write Julia at: Brave Old World Circle V A writer considers the state of the world and the line at Starbucks. A thoughtful essay recommended by Jamy. An excerpt:

There is this other world out there. A world where leaders of countries don’t believe in the holocaust. Where people see little use for their own life than to blow themselves up for a God that has done nothing for them. Or maybe we are the other world?

Also Noted Top Five Rookie Mistakes for a Martini Drinker. DC Drinks. A blog recommended by Washington Cube, who has some drinks as well. A different kind of online dating: Of course I already fell in love with one of the guys. Well, his genes anyway. Writes the Green Chair after discovering a searchable sperm bank. Moran. DC Donut. iBook on life support. The best thing about owning an Apple computer is that you feel like it becomes a part of you. PC users yell at their machines. I’ve literally spooned my iBook. Twice. Writes Way Beyond Sunset after her iBook hard drive fails. Double parking and Sunday church service controversy. As for the Sunday morning double-parking problem, for the time being, they [the police] will exercise discretion but are asking the church and residents to work together to come to a solution and have supposedly encouraged the churches to work diligently with us. From Summoner of Nothing, after a visit by two senior office of the DC PC visited her. Background: DCist report. Kong This: I wouldn’t rant and rave about it. Crazy City Girl. Bike Handle on Richardson. Interesting photo composition by In Shaw. Intern Capitol Hill report: If I got a job on the Hill, I would probably start believing I was an extremely important person doing extremely important things, even when I was just making photocopies. I might even be right. From It Never Happened.