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DC to LA: The Rob Lowe Interview
Hookers and Blow
Momentary Academic interviews LA blogger
Rob Lowe (not the actor) in the latest edition of Hookers and Blow, a collaborative online journal. Lowe is sharp and witty and a good subject for this. He can also write a sentence: The chorus of my internal dialogue being muted by sleep depravation and over-indulgence through all that is unhealthy. Lowe’s in LA and links to DC bloggers and that makes him part of this expanding local universe. – Cube recommendation. (link goes to main page, scroll down – check out the other journal entries as well) An excerpt from the interview:

… I got a booty call and went to pick up this girl I was seeing who lived down the street on Kelton. I was wearing boxer briefs, no helmet and not carrying ID. I was so nervous; I couldn’t remember how old I was. The cop stopped me …

Borscht, pelmeni, and plov, oh my!
Merujo’s Kitchen
A delicious cooking journey involving some Russian cooking staples. This is a relatively new group blog. The latest post starts:

Every once in a while, I get a hankering for the common, traditional foods I ate in Moscow. Not all of these were Russian, for the record. Georgian food rocks, and it rocks hard. Uzbek food I simply love …

Also Noted:

The unbreakfast club: DC Cookie reports: … I eat dill pickles, I eat bison, I eat fish, I eat crabs, I eat moussaka … and then there’s Through Irish Eyes .. I dined on Antelope, Boar, Emu and Rabbit. (Cube find)

From Iraq: I missed keeping up on all of the blogs while I was gone. Although if I got a Blackberry and hooked it up to the sat phone, that would be a pretty amusing uplink. Maybe it might work. From Chairborne Stranger.

Writing that’s in tune: Guitar playing to me is like hooking up with girls in high school. It seems to come so easily to some yet to me it’s all fumbling and bumbling and feeling like a dope … from Castor Oil.

I84 unit low income housing project: there have been countless emails flying back and forth on the eckington listserve about this. From Bloomingdale.

Caterwauling experiences a hosting account problem. Interesting read.