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Dog Waiting Area Outside of Whole Foods, P Street
Korea To Here Yeah, So I’m … The subhead on this blog is this: “Leaving you wanting more … Despite the fact that I haven’t really given you anything to begin with.” The first part is true but the second part is not. This writer, I-66, has shared a lot of himself in this post; truths of the greatest kind.

One night, some weeks after moving in, my mother asks me to scan some lawyer docs (OCR, for editing) – being the only technically savvy one in the house, I was often asked to do stuff like this – and handed me a stack of sheets face down. I flipped them over to make sure they were right-side up before scanning and saw briefly the words “Of the three children, two adopted and one natural” ….

Discomfort in DC First To Third This post looks at some of the undercurrents on neighborhood listservs. It provides, indirectly, an argument for moving neighborhood lists to a blog format. It’s a very compelling read about attitudes and neighborhoods. An excerpt:

… it seems like the folks on the lists are from other parts of the country, and either unaccustomed to living in an actual city, or so prone to entitlement anxiety that their true roots shine through the bleached liberalism that they’ve tried to commit themselves to. Tolerance is, in my eyes, just a short step away from animus …

Note to Readers: One reader asked why I was running photos of Seattle lately. That’s where I am right now, drinking coffee. But returning to DC in a few hours and that’s why today’s post is short. I do include locations, sometimes, in the photo’s alt tag – just move the pointer over the photo and it should display itself. Thanks for reading.