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Uptown Theater When Your Blog Meets Your Date DC Sleeps Alone Tonight This writer wants to know if it’s a good idea to “dump the backlog” – get rid of months of old posts. She worries “others in the future could have access to my emotional past.” This is short post about an issue that’s probably on the minds of many bloggers. Does it have a good answer?

The last man I dated was good at research. 2 hours into our first date, he disclosed that not only had he found my blog, he had read the entire thing.

This did not bode well.

I Blog the Body Electric Dealing in Subterfuges Bloggers who are effectively disembodied from their audience and may want anonymity, nonetheless leave hints about their physical characteristics. Our writer explores the why of this. (Editor’s Note: In my case, I would put my photo on this blog but worry some might quickly mistake it for 007 Sean Connery fan site.)

What investment do I have in embodying myself so insistently and in such detail? And why am I so selective about it?

I’ve Been Blessed With Good Jeans Always Write Success at shopping for jeans.

… And then I was stirred by an ambivalence — kind of happy and guilty at the same time — which I later recognized as the simultaneous terror and exhiliration that comes from realizing you’ve just put one over on God …

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