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Underfarewell No Taming This Shrew Shakespeare and other topics are on this blog. But this cleverly named post is about parting with closely-held apparel. If you read the comments you’ll learn this revealing fact: I guess this is a cultural thing, but there are no holes in Japanese boxers.

There’s something really sad about waving goodbye to a fabulous bra or a particularly effective pair of panties. Maybe boys feel the same way about their boxers. I know a few who certainly held on to theirs right up to the bitter end…

The Death of Local TV Commercials Blincoln Blog Longtime DC area residents may recall these TV commercials. This walk down the static lane begins this way:

The best thing about local television in the 1970s and 1980s was the commercials for local businesses. They had zero production values and the “talent” was usually the person that owned the particular business concern. No matter what part of the country you grew up in there is some local TV commercial wedged somewhere in your brain.

Living in DelRay Crazy Girl City Crazy Girl assesses her neighborhood, DelRay, in Alexandria. Peaceful DelRay.

The only excitement I have witnessed was when I first moved here and some guy had his kid held hostage up the street. Well that and me trying to solve this week’s mystery of who the hell is knocking on my window at 2am.

DC Driving Advice Louder than Words There are 14 pointers, observations and other strange things about driving in DC. Among them:

Construction sites tie up traffic, even if there’s no actual construction happening. I guess people expect that the construction workers are laying in wait behind the orange-and-white barrels, ready to begin jackhammering at a moment’s notice.

The only way to successfully navigate DuPont Circle is to pretend that you can’t see other cars, pedestrians, or traffic lights.

Also noted: Is Being Single Sexy? This is the question asked on Diva’s Disclosures, whose writer is just a fun loving girl who has been blessed with great friends and family but who has been cursed with an addictive love of men! Read about my trials and tribulations in search for Mr. Right. Kathryn on … the question of Pretty, cute, hot or not. With photos. I’ve recently been thinking about the different ways women’s looks can be categorized: pretty, cute, hot, or not …. I had never really thought about this before. What is the difference? Dragon in Retrograde offers some advice in a post, “The Four Lessons I Learned This Weekend. Here’s the first item: Never give your non-drinking Muslim friend the task of buying the mixers for a party. Free Summer Movies, a helpful guide to outdoor movies assembled by lagniappe in dc. Covers Screen on the Green in DC, Village at Shirlington, as well as Movies Under the Stars in Bethesda. Also noted here is the rainy day option at the Library of Congress Mary Pickford Theater.
Photo: Smithsonian Festival scene
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