Blog Love

What’s Noticed Are Seven A chance meeting, a smile, and a Valentine’s Day unlike any other. Beautifully written. It starts:

I almost never notice shoes on a woman, but the half-librarian, half-lawyer shoes of a fellow foot commuter this morning in Dupont Circle caught my eye. The rest of her style matched her shoes, too: a long, graceful coat, dark red hair (dyed, but in a very tasteful way) cut short in way that was both severe and sexy, and the sharp style of glasses that I have a soft spot for.

To My Valentine Rhinestone Cowgirl Velvet sent this note: This post is cake and icing. You read RC’s words, and you can’t help but be so moved by them, then you click the comments. This is a love note that tells us a little about what our blog world is about. An excerpt:

I love that every time we cross the street, you gently pull me around to the side furthest away from traffic, and put yourself in harm’s way instead. I love that you are absolutely smoking hot, and simultaneously unabashedly, unreservedly dorky.

More hearts at Kmusings Valentine’s Day Fantasy Playaz Ball This crew is a gift to blogdom. Also Noted: Metro and the phone surprise by Slothel. What Verizon does to your snowman. Photo at Herman’s Head. True Sofa Story at the Happy Booker. Cheney Haiku at Fictional Rockstar, with heart attack update. I had my first experience with zipcar today! Writes Becca. I reserved a Scion xA, mostly because it’s totally cute. However, as someone told me months ago, it drives like a cardboard box. Body Languages, through March 12 at The Katzen Arts Center at American University, reports Painterly Visions, who writes: …large-scale, sepia-toned photo-collages of male and female nudes are glimpsed through overlays of 18th and 19th century anatomy charts, and Mary Coble’s painfully direct indictment of hate crimes, in which the names of 430 victims appear on an expansive grid of small paper sheets. Can’t hide the color – nice photo at Frozen Tropics. It’s the Washington Blogger Febuary Meetup Wednesday at Pharaoh’s, 1817 Columbia Rd., Adams Morgan. Starts at 7 p.m. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow bloggers.