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Cell Phone, Redux Theaterboy It’s the holidays and time for the theater irritations. This interesting post about cell phones begins like this:

OK, people. I’ll grant you I don’t much like people who let their cellphones ring in theaters — of the legit or the movie variety. In fact, I’d like to hurt them. Slowly.

But I’m gettin’ to the point where I’m almost willing to put up with the occasional dramaticus interruptus ….

Our House Your Mother’s Blog The housing sales boom (don’t know if it’s officially past tense yet) has given rise to a new phenomena: the Real Estate agent as rock star. (Nod to Dennis! For this link) An excerpt:

What once were bland photo ID-like head shots of the guy who helps you find a house are now more akin to the latest issue of Seventeen Magazine complete with airbrushing and designer threads. One of my favorites features a team of Realtors in coordinated black Kenneth Cole shirts standing in front of a shadowy back drop …

Pervasive Alcoholism in DC? You Look Like I Need A Drink The art on this redesign is edgy, very abstract, and strangely appealing but this particular post is disquieting. It reflects on one incident, but the title raises a question that isn’t a reach from this post. Excerpt: … I asked her what had happened to her friend. Apparently, S’s friend had overdosed on the liquor and had to have her stomach pumped.
It’s Gonna Be a James Brown Christmas DCent Is it too early to start thinking about the holidays? As long as James Brown is a part of the story, why not? Reflecting on Christmases past, DCent tells stories of her family’s funky Christmases. – Reya.

“James Brown single handedly saved every Christmas of my youth; turning would-be disasters into comical affairs that I still cherish to this day. ”

Also Noted Ward 3 Politics and Linda Cropp’s reported opposition to a school funding plan. From The Passenger. DC Commuter Tax? Yes! From Best of Washington DC. Credit for persistence: I Crap In A Box.