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One Night Out Grateful Dating Our writer attends a City Paper-sponsored “nosh mob,” where the bartender calls her “sweetheart.” Is he flirting? Jamy wonders. She calls another DC dating blogger for advice. The end result is a narrative that artfully captures the moment. An excerpt:

“You should mingle more!” “I would, but have you seen this group? Everyone brought a friend.”

“That’s true. But you just sit at the bar and say hello to whoever you’re next to. It’s easy.”

“Not with these people…” I motioned to the woman sitting next to me, who still had her back turned.

He smiled slightly, cocked his head, and said quietly, “Well, no. Not with them.”

He’s Back (And he wants comments) Mayor’s Blog Mayor Anthony Williams started his blog last summer but stopped posting in September without explanation. The mayor resumed posting this month and said he will bring a “renewed commitment” to the blog. He recently posted this:

I know that over the last five or so months I’ve essentially killed this blog. I know that. I recognize that I’m attempting a resurrection here. But we’ve got big issues to discuss and this is an important forum to air them. What could be bigger than education, public safety, baseball, the proposed new hospital? Come on folks. It takes two people to have a conversation. We need your contribution. Now!

Also Noted: ‘Capers was an amazing play, writes The Life and Times of Chai. Those of us who live in Northwest, in Virginia, in Maryland live in a bubble. We don’t see how gentrification affects those who are getting kicked out or bought out for people like me to live in their areas. I encourage all of you to go see this play. Ends Feb. 5th. Volunteering has its perks. Floor seats with two seven year olds. From Tales From the Club. Big Changes – a Photo Essay. This is very good, clever and touching. From Pie Pants. Just don’t lick them … See photos on The Graduate. Best use of parking meters ever. Chicken antioxidant soup at Iron Fist of Love.