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My Summer Vacashun Sueandnotyou Sue writes about her trip to Austin, mostly in a series of photos and hilarious captions. The title and first three sentences set the tone.

On my summer vacation, I visited the city of Austin, TX. Austin is the capital of Texas, which is the 28th state to join the union. Texas’ state flower is the Bluebonnet and its nickname is the Lone Star State. In my opinion, Austin is a very fun and beautiful city!

A day of extremes Appreciate the Cheese This post is about loss and burning popcorn. It’s an evocative and draws from a well of seemingly disconnected observations and memories. This short post starts like this: My friend Lisa moved away yesterday – I helped her move her stuff out into a truck. SGF Seeking Blood Lust Sarcastic and Cynical The perils and fears of online dating in a series of stories well told. It begins simply: I have an unreasonable fear of meeting from online. The wait for Harry Potter Fictional Rockstar This story begins with a lawnmower.

Picture this: In the D.C. metro area, it is dark. It is gray. The air is so thick that you can swim in it. The grass must be pregnant with dew. Instead of looking outside to a world that resembles the tropical version of Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow set, I have to listen to someone mow the lawn.

So there’s this girl …. Somewhere Between Problematic attractions:

….and she’s really fun, and we get along really well, and she’s cute, age appropriate, nice, and I find myself really connecting with her, and she’s getting married soon.

It’s always the unavailable girls.

New to the city: Blog Chase-ing Random Thoughts Our writer, new to city, is blogging away and exploring this town. She describes herself as “a single, 29 year old woman who recently relocated to the DC area. I work in radio broadcasting as an on-air talent. I love to watch the Food Network, workout, cook, hang with friends, explore the city, go to wine tastings, discuss current events as well as the hot buttons of religion, politics, and why I should be married to John Cusack (ha ha). I’m a pretty random person (although some may see my randomness as adult ADD), I enjoy living life to the fullest and observing people. This blog is where I can put all of my crazy thoughts so I won’t be committed. 7/7 Blog-e-Bilal A writer who is very familiar with the British Pakistani community shares his analysis of recent events.

I am deeply disturbed by the recent attacks in London and the revelation that three of the four bombers were in fact British-born Pakistani Muslims. It has struck a personal chord since the condition of the British Pakistani community has been nothing short of an obsession both academically and personally for the past three years. … I went to Britain that summer on a research grant to simply understand how a group of Pakistani kids could essentially burn a city down.

Also Noted: Rantings and Ravings of D-Town, in a recent post, Treading Water, Waiting for the Bomb, writes about the frustration of networking in DC. It can be a real task to meet people, at least the people that you want to meet. Those would be the types who are inherently social and have an established network of friends into which you can tap and contribute. It’s easy to get into a regular routine of calling a short list of people when you do normal activities, or e-viting a standard, but larger group of people when you’re ready to throw a party. I got in that same routine in Atlanta … same people, same bars, same party lists. It’s reassuring, comforting, but can get a little mundane. The Life of Pinky Bear recalls Dupont Circle and 1993 march on Washington for gay rights. It’s a two-part post, part one and two. The March it self was a hot day. While the weather had been nice and spring-like, the Day of the March, it decided to become hot! The March was huge and we were all overwhelmed to see so many people! We knew it was going to be big because everyday you could see the throngs of people arriving. Connecticut Street was a throbbing, pulsating ocean of people! Imagine Mardi Gras, Halloween and Mummer’s Day all combined into one! Some Great Reward is a recent DC blog arrival and has discovered that driving through DC is an adventure. Recommends avoiding the street maps available via the Internet. He relied on AAA maps. The writer of The Blogspell According to G moved into the city several months ago. Some of his observations: So much of DC has hoods that still haven’t fuly recovered from the 60s riots. The homeless are well entrenched in the city parks. Most are somewhat more placid than NY homeless. You got southern religion running most of the shelters here. It’s a very divided town. The outer neighborhoods are screaming for inner amenities. More shops, restaurants, fighting over development down in SE Anacostia ….

A disgruntled slug writes … from Wedded Bliss …?