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Drivin’ that Train Kathryn On … A clever rundown of the types of nightmare passengers you find on a train — based on actual experience. A well-told story with a strong finish. An excerpt: New to DC – this gal had some major problems with her ticket and her cell phone for the first 15 minutes of the ride home from NYC a few weeks ago, and said, under her breath several times, “my life sucks.” She later started trying to talk to me about how she moved to DC a year ago … Still Sleepless in DC Beauty and the Beltway Romance is a wonderful thing unless you’re on the other side of the wall trying to sleep. Our writer chronicles her ongoing adventures with the Screamer.
I was lying in my bed dreaming of warm sandy beaches and umbrella drinks when I was rocked awake by a dreadful pounding. I’m not sure if it was extreme exhaustion or pure unadulterated denial that caused my disorientation, but for a full minute I honestly thought the DC Metro area was experiencing an earthquake. It wasn’t until I heard the oh so familiar sound of a baby seal being clubbed to death on the other side of the wall that I realized that my neighbors were quite literally at it again. Blogger List Mania Bloggers, increasingly, are posting lists on all kinds of things. Great secrets, hidden desires, and other really strange interesting things, are being shared on these list, and often in multiples of seven. Here’s a brief tour: Talkin’ Shit About a Pretty Sunset A list of important traits for a man over 30. This post made the rocks in my scotch crack. It’s that sharp. From one: Stoicism: By age 30, a man shouldn’t say whatever’s on his mind, whenever. A man with a slight degree of stoicism does not whine or complain … Baby Bananas for Everyone List all the things on her desk, illustrated with numbered photo. Clever post. Among the things she lists: K. My review mirror so I can see who is trying to sneak up on me. Till human voices wake us, and we drown Long and good: 27. When I was in the sixth grade, I played the role of Max the Dog in “The Little Mermaid.” Even though I was the best singer. Because this other chick was cute and had red hair, and I was well into my 10-year awkward phase. But I’m not bitter Maisnon (now in bay area, Calif.) Sevens: 7 things that attract me to another person: slightly imperfect features. Give me a gap-toothed smile, or an interesting nose any day! I hate kit kats More sevens: Seven things that I find attractive in a man: 5. Paperbacks in back pockets. (Swoon.) Aunt Sassy’s Condo Is giving up coffee. 3) Irritability. Anyone who saw me on Wednesday can attest to this one. I fought with Chaz all day over something as low a s … don’t laugh … designer jeans?! Direct Current Important notes: 3. For some women, the most effective aphrodisiac is seeing the man they’re out with get hit on by a gay bartender. Also Noted: The 17th Street High Heel Race tonight (Tue), according to Observe But Do Not Interfere. One of my favorite places to hang out in Washington, DC is none other than 17 Street High Heel Race, often taken on Tuesday a week before Halloween. This year, it is slated to happen on October 25, 2005 at 9 PM. For first-timers, take Metro to DuPont Circle and head eastward to 17 Street as early as 6 PM to seize good spot in observing the High Heel Race … It is a hysterical. Tourist report: I found that Washington is far different from the Hawaii. Well, people here don’t not really obey all the traffic rules; nor the walker neither the driver. From Duman. Random Weekend Musings sampler: The soap at the Loews Cinema in Georgetown smells like napthaleen. From, new blog, Nothing But Static.