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Another view of Seattle, which is the other Washington, the one with voting rights Dali Lama Sightings Candy Sandwich and Church of the Big Sky Experiences with the Dali Lama are reported. BrokeKid of Candy heard the Dali speak: The Dalai Lama is a rather jovial fellow. As he was making himself comfortable in his chair, he began to fiddle with his shoes. I thought he was pulling up his socks, but then I thought maybe he didn’t wear socks, he was actually removing his shoes. He then sat cross legged in his chair and the crowd was quick with a giggle … Church of the Big Sky just happened to meet him: … Moments later, walking slowly and silently through the hall, came the Dalai Lama. I just about passed out. He had a small entourage of monks and a group of Secret Service men with him, all draped in white prayer scarves. As he approached where I sat, he smiled broadly, leaned over to me and waved. “Hello! How are you?” His voice was incredibly cheerful and warm. Metro Mugging Thoughts on Metro This recently created blog reports about a mugging on the Metro. DCist had initial report on this blog and the comments it prompted are, with some exceptions, recommended as well. An excerpt:

From Thoughts on Metro: I looked around at the other passengers on the car, and I asked them repeatedly if any of them would help me. Someone asked me what was happening, and I said that this group of teenagers was mugging me, and that the ones in the back had my iPod.

One DCist poster (in response to a comment): Oh, please. You expect the mass of Metro riders who carry iPods or other electronic equipment to stop carrying them in order to be appropriately “risk averse”?

Capote, Correspondence and Communion Washington Cube Yes, dear Cube is part of the dcblogs team but she is still a blogger, and unbeknown to her, Reya and I both agreed that this post is a standout. Don’t take our word, read the comments which are as thoughtful as the post. An excerpt:

… he did strenuously keep up with friends as he moved around the world. It is little remembered that Capote spent ten years of his life living in Europe, and oftentimes he was residing in remote, rural areas. You would have thought Capote was hunkered down in a hotel room in Holcomb, Kansas, but the bulk of In Cold Blood was written in a tiny village in Switzerland, while he was out taking the air with his pet bulldog or buying friends cuckoo clocks.

Don’t Wanna Hear It Angry Pregnant Lawyer The problem with criticism and praise in a short and pointed post. It starts like this: Sign on 14th Street

Like many people, I don’t take criticism well. But I also have a difficult time with praise. I’m not sure if that makes me unusual.

Also Noted: Inside Finland’s embassy to see an exhibit on contemporary Finnish design. From Rebel Prince. Scathing Tourist Report: There were no handmade clothes, nothing looked thrifted, no tattoos, no piercings, no goofy outfits that will be hip in two years, no good beer, no good coffee, no good music. Intellectually D.C. may be very alive, I don’t know. Culturally it is barren. From El Pocho Abogado. My nemesis: the Super Giant. From Not All Who Wander Are Lost. Vegas Lounge thoughts. From Keith Graham’s Wanderings. The Washington Blogger Meetup Group will gather tonight at 7 at Pharaoh’s Bar & Grill, 1817 Columbia Rd. NW. Everyone is invited. No secret handshakes or oaths.