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The chief’s stolen car DC Blogs everywhere The theft of Police Chief Ramsey’s unmarked freebie Crown Vic this past weekend is fast food for DC’s blogging world. Sadly, few shed crocodile tears. The Washington Post story, and the blogging take: Peekaboo writes: That’s right. Someone stole the Chief of Police’s unmarked police car. The strange thing is that in the article, it says that he was going to take the car to church. Is Church a proper use of a car paid for with taxpayer dollars? What the hell?
Wonkett describes it as: A moment of Washington Zen. Tom Bridge at Metroblogging writes: He becomes one of roughly 20,000 car theft victims expected in the district in 2005. So, if you see someone tooling around downtown or the burbs in a black Crown Vic … let the Chief know, will ya? Tres Chicas sees justice: Whoa. DC Police Chief Ramsey’s car was stolen. Make that his MPD police vehicle. For a police chief who has been widely criticized for focusing his attention on arresting protesters rather than solving or preventing crime in the District, it’s almost fitting. (Yi. I don’t actually wish crime on anyone. Even bad people.) why.i.hate.dc calls it hilarious, And, unlike when your car gets stolen, the police are actively looking for it DCist reacts: … we chuckled for a very brief momentLinden Place Death Frozen Tropics Hopefully finding the chief’s car is off the priority list because there’s still a lot of serious crime in this city. Posts on this neighborhood blog concerning a recent murder. Car jacking, too. New jobs Dangling Conversation & Rock Creek Rambler Two DC bloggers write about their job changes, and the difficulty involved.
Dangling Conversation writes: I have been so torn up over this decision for many reasons, not to mention the rollercoaster I seemed to be on during the process of finding out if I got the offer or not. Then once I got the offer I needed to muster up the courage to follow my heart and actually leave a company that I take pride in …. Rock Creek Rambler: I finally submitted my formal resignation yesterday. That really really really sucked. I actually broke out into a cold sweat right before I went to his office…. Diet help Lucky Spinster Is waiting for NetFlix to deliver Super Size Me.

I’ve heard that people who watch SSM are so disgusted that they stop eating junk food entirely for, like, a whole day or something. This can only be a good thing.

Also noted: The DCeiver is quoted in the New York Times. Noded on why the moon looks so large. With excellent photo. Note to readers: I’m constantly hunting for DC area blogs to add to this list. The search engines are less than perfect. Following blog links helps, but if you blog or know of one that I haven’t linked in my amazing Random Ordering System ™, please send a link and suggest a category. If the category doesn’t exist, then I’ll probably create it. (Some weekend I’ll arrange these links in alphabetical order.)
Photo: K Street at 24th St. bridge, NW.