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Sounds of Silence I’m not a girl, not yet a wino A talented writer examines the unease of silence. An excerpt:

I can’t stand to watch a couple at a neighboring restaurant table eat an entire meal without conversation. To me it is diagnostic of a dying relationship rather than a choice steak. There is always the intricate design of the silverware, the vivid blue of the hostess’ skirt, the bit of cork that make it into your glass of red. There must be something to say.

Buttery Goodness Sprite Writes
Our writer managed to get some tickets to view the baby panda. We pick up the report.
Should you ever get the opportunity to be invited in to play with a baby panda, I’d like to offer the following advice: wear thick jeans and work boots. Because a baby panda likes to play in much the same way a two-year-old likes to play. It’s very physical.

Best. Blog. Ever. Church of the Big Sky A criticism of cult-like blogging behavior. – Washington Cube recommendation.

I’ve been thinking alot lately about what I call the “Cult of Blogger-ality” where well known bloggers get heaps of praise and slavish comments even for the crappiest posts. You know the type:”Awesome! You rule!””You totally rock, dude!””YEAH! WOO-HOO!”

Also Noted Are you a hipster? A Gawker poll adapted for DC by theUpStatelife. Things I learned in DC: That I do not hate conservatives. In fact, they have some good points. From a list by Green Nebula, who is returning to Austin. Poetry Slam in Chinatown. She stood up, introduced herself as “Chunky” and then fell into a sort of trance. From Then Every Star.
If you don’t want graffiti move to Virginia. With Borf sentencing in place, a debate about graffiti on Logan Circle Community News. Says one commenter: If you guys want to have a graffiti/character-free home and neighborhood, please do all of us a favor and move to Virginia. I would grant you that Borf got a little out of hand there at the end but you must admit that what he did is better than gang tags and, to many people, is considered art. Wrote another: Vandalism in the form of graffiti doesn’t add “character.”