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Photo: Faucets in Love, Foggy Bottom Tick Tock, you don’t stop Pygmalion in a Blanket This writer’s heart (not the metaphoric one) has extra beats. Next is the stress test, the echocardiogram, and the sonogram.

I’m sure watching your baby in utero is a joyous event, but watching the operations of your heart in real-time is disturbing. It’s incredibly small and fragile. After being diagnosed with extra or “ectopic” heartbeats, I figured I would rather have too many than not enough. But I started to gloom over the idea that my heart was allotted only a finite number of beats over its lifetime and I was using them up by drinking caffeine or taking cold medicine. This anatomical/philosophical dread returned as I watched it tick away on the screen.

New city online effort The Howard Insider A new city online effort is emerging, The Howard Insider. The group, which has at least 10 writers, recently advertised for photographers as well. According to one of the organizers, “the main coverage will focus on campus life in and outside of the campus, music, fashion, entertainment, and personal musing from past and present Howard University Students.” The site will launch Sept. 2. For now, information about this effort is available via its blog, “The Howard Insider Presents Joi’s Ramblings With the launch next week, the Howard Insider will have its own domain, The Howard Insider. The employment ad for photographers. TMDI (Too Much Disposable Income) Angry Pregnant Lawyer She’s angry all right about a trend reported in a recent WP story on high-priced premium jeans. (Also read the many comments.) When I see a word (be it LOVE or JUICY or PRIDE or SUTTON HIGH VOLLEYBALL) written on the ass of another woman, I am not envious. I am saddened and embarrassed for my sex. Comedy/Tragedy Urban Fantasy Our writer decides to audition for a role in a community theater in Dupont Circle. The theater could have charged admission to the audition.

Instead of a prepared monologue, the director had asked us to spend a few minutes talking about a romantic relationship. This simple-sounding request became one of the most intense things I’d ever seen. Complete strangers were telling stories of losing virginities, falling in love, coming out of the closet, being cheated on. It was emotionally exhibitionist even by theater standards …

Also Noted: Blogstretch has assembled a hilarious collection of Craig’s List ads. Doing DC: The Hay Adams, a report from Unrequited Narcissism. …the bar itself is incredibly classic and timeless looking: low lights, heavy, polished wood paneling, and a customer age average of about 55 – mostly men in suits. i had been told by fritz that john, the bartender, was amazing, and he was totally right. john made our night. he is an incredibly jovial guy who is smart, well-traveled, and a great conversationalist. not to mention that he passed out free drinks when he learned i was leaving for chicago… Restaurant claims valet parking, kicking out the meter parkers, including When the Smoke Clears. That’s all fine and dandy, except that I have yet to see anyone come up and use the valet services of this restaurant. I’m parked in one of those spots. It’s 5 minutes to 5:00. Do you think that if I’m not there, pulling out of my spot right as the second hand hits twelve, there will be a two truck waiting for me? Broken Flowers review by I Am Not Very Good At Naming Things. By the way, why has Bill Murray played the same character in the last five films or so? It’s not even that interesting or complex: just a burned out guy that stares into space a lot. But I digress.