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Photo: Sign at the NGA
Aunt Sassy’s Condo This post has it all: bars, attempted make-outs and emails. And it starts on fire:

Cut to last Friday: I was wearing my hot pink mesh g-string, slaving away at my job, counting the nanoseconds until Happy Hour. “The Man” had sent a software trainer from Corporate to make sure we were compliant with a program we are consolidating in 2006 (ch-ch-ch-changes). I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the Pixar film “Antz,” but this guy looked like the head ant in that movie. He was the type of guy who probably drank glue in elementary school, which is why I’m going to refer to him as “Elmer” from here on out. Elmer had all the right features of a hot guy, they were all just arranged in a funny way. …

Wherein my brain barfs all over blogger Rhinestone Cowgirl Lucy, a bellydancer, is also a very active and funny blogger. From one of many random thoughts:

I don’t mind paying – in fact, I’m happy to – but if YOU ask ME out, then you pay up. Especially on that all-important first date, hello. This rule becomes irrelevant if we actually start dating, because I think keeping track of who spends how much is just boring and a waste of time, but first impressions are important and I think L just came away looking cheap. …

Cast of Characters DC Pussycat Doll There are more woman bloggers than men who describe in exacting, sometimes punishing detail, their dates and relationships. Men must quietly read about their failures, foibles, and inadequacies and just suck it up. This double standard in the blogging world is no surprise because the old rules for a man still apply: never ever kiss and tell. If a man reveals anything about his dating life on his blog, he’ll be likely consigned to spending the rest of his life writing pleading and pathetic personal ads for Craig’s List. Vive le difference, we say, because without it we wouldn’t have this post:

I am not a player. I just crush a lot. It seems that I am currently juggling a few boy toys. This was brought to my attention after I told Loo that I made out with our mutual friend Malibu Ken Friday night, and a week prior had made out with the Gopher. She asked me how I was juggling all these boys, and I realized that emotionally I have been a little screwed up from this and unsure if any of these boys might turn into relationships.

Picking up trash Simple Stories The writer of this blog describes it as “a collection of true stories from everyday life. Stories that mark or color a day. They could take place anywhere, happening to anyone. Hundreds of stories just waiting to be told and remembered.” The writer makes a point of writing out his experiences. …I turn my head to see a woman dumping the rest of her diner (?) on the street. A half eaten burger, a mustard container, a couple of used napkins, a paper bag with a large yellow mark, all are now on the pavement. It’s disgusting and I tell her. Not surprisingly she is upset by my intervention.
Also Noted:
Tired of the same boring routine? The Army Times is reporting today that the Department of Defense has taken measures to increase the age of enlistment into the armed services from 35 to age 42, writes A Silent Cacophony The Complexity of the Simple Sex by When the Smoke Clears: Men have gotten the reputation of having nothing but sex on the brain…. or at least once every 4 minutes (or is it 6 seconds?). So do we, as women, just assume that every man is thinking of sex and nothing but? Metrocurean is sad to report that the “closed for vacation” sign outside Opera (aka Kuna) was keeping false hope alive. Opera will, in fact, not be returning. The neighborhood will greatly miss the homey bowls of steaming pasta and the congenial guys who ran the place, Mark and Keith. We can only hope that Mark takes his cooking to a new spot soon. Also, new U Street haunt coming: Tabaq