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You can make a difference Donkey Rampant in the City There’s an organization called the Halo Trust that removes “the debris of war.” In one school yard this writer’s friend helped to clear 138 anti-personnel mines.

At dinner the other night I was with a friend who tends to think that you can not save the world. That one person and their actions can not make a difference. You know what? You can make a difference. This is the basis for one of my Fraternity Brothers and me taking on this enormous multi-national task.

(in)vert Tape Men Check this one out: Two photos of the infamous Tape Men hanging from a bridge. There’s no explanation and the only visitor comment posted so far is an illuminating “wow.” That may not be a catalyst for a “what is art” discussion but it is a reaction. It’s an interesting concept, for sure. Go discover your reaction by clicking on the link. Flying High Suburban Lesbian Whenever I fly I take a double dose of Dramamine and enjoy a drug-induced semi-comatose state. It’s not out of choice. And I usually, now, avoid alcohol before boarding a plane. This does not make me special, only experienced and sympathetic to the Suburban Lesbian’s flying adventure. Her well-written post begins, simply: Have you ever puked on a plane? 44 lines about 21 ‘net dates Dealing in Subterfuges This writer provides a run down of her online dating experiences. Short, snappy and funny. It’s introduced this way: Three things to know: 1) these dates took place between June of 2002 and May of 2005 in three or four intense spurts (with 15 months off to have a bad relationship) …. click for the rest. Welcome to Detroit City! Damsel in DC Crazy Miss J was in Detroit and offers this report: Everyone has a side of the family that they think is in a different social class. But this weekend, I learned a valuable lesson. Also noted: Tales of walking in the rain by The Daily Life of a Fantastic Subatom. Walking alone down the now empty sidewalks of DC, a friendly old woman parked on the street cracked her window and said, “You need help getting where you’re going, baby?” I smiled and thanked her, but said I was fine. The sound of the water crashing all around me masked all the other sounds of the city, and the feeling of millions of little water drops exploding all over me was bordering on as good as sex. Book deals, reports Failed Southern Lady, are available via the Green Valley Book Fair. It’s in Harrisonburg, VA and only on certain weekends. The next one begins August 20 and goes through Labor Day weekend. The books are dirt cheap, and they’ve got just about everything you could want. More free movies by Lagniappe in DC, who has expanded an earlier list of free outdoor movies. Bethesda Restaurant Week through July 24, reports D.C. Foodies. Did you know the person who does one of the most famous blogs in the world, PostSecret, lives in DC Metro? Another Great Guy Going to Waste is planning a “brief hiatus” while he “relocates back to the West Coast.”