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Murphy’s Law Dictates . . . Morgan In Africa In the dcblogs mail Wednesday was a note sent at 5:30 a.m. by a woman, Morgan, about to board to plane to Rwanda. It included a link to her new blog. “I’m not sure if anyone would be interested, since I’ll be writing about Rwanda … but I thought I’d send you a link just in case.” DC bloggers end up in all kinds of places and some on the link list are in Asia and Europe, but they’re still part of the DC blogging community. And based on the writing in this blog, there may be a lot of interest Morgan’s journey. This excerpt is from a post Sunday about a car accident, hence the title …. It begins:

…That whatever can go wrong, will.

Such was Friday night, after I went to see a late movie with a friend. Driving home on Constitution Avenue, getting onto the ramp to the Roosevelt Bridge, a drunk driver swerved in front of me, jumped the curb and rolled his car down the hill next to the road …

Mount Pleasant Project Team Wet Dog Savoring the creative process while pursuing excellence is the philosophy behind the photoblog Team Wet Dog. Both text and image reflect this thoughtful, talented artist’s focus. Please see as well the site. – Reya.
Collaborative Art Darn Knit Every Monday, a group of DC visual artists gets together to create collaborative pieces. Shoofly reports that this past Monday, the group got together at The Argonaut bar on H Street. The results of this week’s collaboration are fantastic. — Reya. An excerpt:

The Argonaut was great. We made it just in time for happy hour, and the staff were really supportive of us being there. How could we resist, they sell pitchers of ‘booty beer’! We had such a good time doing it, we’re thinking of keeping our art nights out for the next few weeks. Where will we be next? hmm…..

DCist happy hour. Thur, Jan. 19. — That’s tonight. Don’t miss.