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Tragedies ang pamille ko (My family tragedies) Orgasmic Booty Shorts Boy Western culture represses the idea of omens but embraces foreshadowing. I don’t know whether that’s a paradox but this well-written post accepts omens as an essential part of a family history. This writer’s story begins like this:

I translated the title to Tagalog (I am trilingual in English, Tagalog and Japanese) in order to highlight the tragedies that have plagued my family. Tonight as my mom was driving us home, she spoke about my father as well as her family in the Pilipinas (Philipines) ..

One More Reason to Move Back to Florida

Painting DC Pink Taxes, for one.

Not only does Florida have the sunshine, my family and old friends, Cuban restaurants on every corner, and beautiful beaches— they also do not have income tax, personal property tax, emissions testing and county/city tax on personal property.

Trend spotting: Why the interest in Western style boots in what has to be a really bad year for Texans? … The Texans who are trying to run things here in DC … Western-style boots on

Field of Flowerz and Failed Southern Lady. Also Noted: The new $10 bill unveiled on K Street Blues. 100 things about Angry Pregnant Lawyer. Misery loves company: Make It Stop – the French nursery rhyme “stuck in my head.” Alouette, from Avert Your Eyes. Review of the PBS documentary on Bob Dylan by The Chutry Experiment in two posts, here and here. And until I watched this film, I’d forgotten how haunting and how powerful many of his songs actually are. Moving to Chicago is My View from the Jeep, After 10 years, I forsake 2 apartments, 2 houses, and 5 jobs. I leave behind experiences like sharing a pizza on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at 2AM, seeing the pink cherry blossoms color a gray dawn at the Tidal Basin, shopping on an autumn Sunday at Eastern Market, biking along the Potomac River, and walking through the streets of the city with thousands of others during an AIDSwalk – all things that could only be experienced in DC. New Blogs

The new fall season begins. DC20009, a Costa-Rican-Virginian twenty-*ahem*-something-year-old male living in NW. Signed a lease for for an apartment on California Street this month, he writes. Views From my Phone, a photoblog, Connecticut Avenue, Dupont Circle, 9:30 Club and other DC scenes. Blog started in August. The Vantage From My Wake, by a writer “firmly representing the California way …” Christian’s Blog from Fairfax. In a recent post writes about a cycling trip from Reston to Crystal City and back.

(nearly) internal dialogue by a 24-year-old DC resident since 1999. She writes: This age group, I’m finding, involves a lot of confusion, being lost, and searching for answers or reasons. It’s fun… like banging-your-head-into-the-wall sort of fun.