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Bangkok life Bangkok Expat Mama For an idea of what it’s like to live and raise children in Bangkok, here’s the story of a blogging DC expat. In a note our blogger, the Expat Mama, writes:
I’m a second-generation, homegrown Washingtonian who, aside from two years in Evanston, IL, and nine months in Boston, has always lived in the DC area — until my husband and I moved to Bangkok in 2001. Now I have a blog about rearing my two kids (the first is DC-born, the second arrived on Thai soil) over here, although my posts address topics ranging from martial arts to recipes, from Thai culture to parenting. There’s a lot of interesting material here, including photos. Be sure to check out the link to the right of the homepage, their BKK digs. Dating the Dark Side Strange Violin Music SVM may have missed a recent America’s Future Foundation panel on cross-party dating, but she did date one of the panelists. She files this report:

I said I was afraid to talk to him about politics because then I would hear his ideas and not like him anymore because of them. He said he still wanted to hear my ideas, which I thought was sort of sweet, and he listened quite politely to my theory of something-or-other. But, as I feared, I was horrified by his allegiance to all that I considered evil, bad, and wrong in the political universe.

Oh Dear God Make It Stop The American Dream for Country Mice The trouble with job interviews explained. A hilarious post. It starts like this:

I’ve finally progressed beyond the resume sending stage to the interview stage which is when the whole ball of wax starts to melt. If I am really interested in the job (or in a dating sense, the guy), I get nervous and two things happen. First, I start to babble …

The Night Before the Rest of My Life anacoluthia This is wonderfully written post about life, the GRE and an ear infection. It starts like this:

Murphy’s law rules my life. I’ve known this for a while now. So it should come as no surprise that, for the first time in roughly 18 years, I have an ear infection, and a rather painful one at that. It really kicked up on Wednesday, just a little too close to test day to be allowed to change dates.

Also Noted: Send Capt. Jack Sparrow congratulations: Umm, whoa! Just today, Kranzel Bike of Pennsylvania honored me tremendously by naming me the 2005 Kranzel Bike Female Mountain Biker of the Year!!!! Holy cow! Thanks mucho to Rick Kranzel and everybody else at Kranzel!!!!! And congrats to Brandon Dregalis and Fred Heinley who tied for the 2005 Kranzel Bike Male Mountain Biker of the Year. I am totally blown away by their decision. From Conservations with Mud The 15 qualifications for dating: No. 13: Your last boyfriend’s name wasn’t Todd or Steve. From Seenster. Sara Facts 101 – the complete list. No. 31: There isn’t much that turns me on more than a boy who is really considerate. From The Butterfly Network. Dupont Circle Crazies from Big Green Chair Chinatown Bus from Hell from The Coffeehouse Soapbox. Don’t Burn My Bippy, a new blog. …things that burn my bippy … Having your “fat pants,” fit snug.
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Photo: Outside the Orlando Convention Center.