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Comet Deli sign, Adams Morgan. The Comet is closing. See also noted item for details. Christmas in Iraq Chairborne Stanger Christmas for a DC metro soldier serving in Iraq includes a roadside bomb scare, a banquet and an invitation to dance. There are at least two Christmas related post. Here’s an excerpt from one:

Boots on the ground. Running around, searching cars. Pointing my very loaded and lethal weapon at people and vehicles. Shots fired. Thinking I was going to get blown up for a good half hour …

Miracle Whip on West 34th Street Washington Cube This intrepid reporter goes to Baltimore with camera and returns with a richly illustrated report about a place that decorates for Christmas in John Waters style. It starts: There is a street in Baltimore that has been over-the-top for several years now: hubcap christmas trees, crab reindeer sleighs, pink flamingos and a lot of Grinches. The community of Hampden calls it “Miracle on 34th Street,” and it draws quite a crowd every Christmas season. Travis Saves Christmas. Throwing Hammers This blogger’s humor and photoshop talents are going great guns in this holiday tale that spread over a number of posts. Just scroll through it. And please check out the Playaz Ball 12 days of Christmas for more photoshop wiz and humor. Off to Seattle why.i.hate.dc This blogger, who began his mission to “mercilessly mock anything related to life in the Washington metro area” in March 2003, is starting a new job in Seattle. This blog, one of the city’s most popular, was relentless and often dead-on-target in its sharply written and often amusing criticisms of local government, media and DC life. (The Washington Post profiled the author earlier this year.) In the post announcing his move, the writer also offers an explanation and advice. An excerpt:

If you’re a like-minded individual, and you are in D.C. or thereabouts, and you don’t like what you see… don’t stop observing and criticizing where needed, but try to be more active than I was in changing things. We have a lot of smart and thoughtful people who live here, but I think that too often they let their ideas and their individuality get subsumed by the great gray mass that is Washington.

Manual Labor: Harder than it Looks The Home Improvement Ninja With hammer and wit, this writer is is chronicling his attempt to renovate an 100 year old townhouse. An excerpt: After installing some floors, your lower back hurts from being hunched over; you wrist hurts from from the impact (you have to hit each nail hard at least 2 or 3 times to get it to go in right) and you get callouses on you hand. Okay, okay, callouses on my hand and my wrist hurts, please spare me the comments on excessive onanism. Also noted The Comet Deli is closing, reports Sandwich Repair Kit. (Photo on top of page shows the Comet’s landmark sign in Adams Morgan) In today’s edition, The Washington Post offered this report about the Comet, A Blaze of Memory and Regret. Adios Jerry Phillips. This longtime radio voice on WHUR, was recently dropped by Clear Channel Communications, reports the Washington Post. El Guapo in DC isn’t happy with the decision Silent Night. The view from the G2 bus on Christmas Eve. In Shaw. Holiday spirit at Dupont Circle Starbucks, writes Millionaire Socialite. $10. Some local spots around U Street and Georgia Avenue to get food for under $10. A Capitol Life. Site Note: Postings will be at a somewhat less frequent pace through the New Year.